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Elod Illes a00fc731b1 Adjust version constraint of hacking
Neutron constrained the version of hacking < 1.2.0, but since then the
unit tests fails with:

ERROR: Double requirement given: hacking<1.2.0,>=1.1.0 (from -ri (line 4)) (already in hacking>=1.1.0 (from -r [..]networking-powervm/test-requirements.txt (line 4)), name='hacking')

So let's simply use the same constraint as set in neutron.

Change-Id: Ic4d97db6c947264806e5ef9e35f21f764cbecf46
2020-01-07 15:45:08 +01:00
VedaAnnayappa 74215aceb8 Enable support for both python3.6 and python3.7
Change-Id: Ic60993c2315e8b10da8abb1fb02e33151a1e2b98
2019-09-17 00:12:09 -04:00
VedaAnnayappa 50b81c3b2d Add Python 3 Train unit tests
This is a mechanically generated patch to ensure unit testing is in place
for all of the Tested Runtimes for Train.

See the Train python3-updates goal document for details:

Change-Id: I1f280a05e3d329abf07c9d50ae28aee602691369
2019-08-26 12:17:12 -05:00
Eric Fried ed11ef916d Add bindep.txt fix building lxml

Change-Id: I61d577c3f571ef5e9d3f51001f357b8b1ba536f9
2019-08-26 12:17:12 -05:00
Eric Fried 3007164f7e Sync sphinx constraints with global-requirements
This is necessary to get requirements and lower-constraints jobs to

Change-Id: Id98b06d982e4261898461bd3050da401dac29b04
2019-08-26 11:43:11 -05:00
Le Hou 5022782e5f Use opendev repository
Change-Id: Ice3a959e637755e45acaae6ee57cf47e65d270f3
2019-04-28 00:43:46 +00:00
Ghanshyam Mann 4b83ec592e Dropping the py35 testing
All the integration testing has been moved to
Bionic now[1] and py3.5 is not tested runtime for
Train or stable/stein[2].

As per below ML thread, we are good to drop the py35
testing now:


Change-Id: Iad4158e0c156a73ca6526a23b4bfa9156d85dc87
2019-04-22 23:06:31 +00:00
OpenDev Sysadmins 0e0390f1c5 OpenDev Migration Patch
This commit was bulk generated and pushed by the OpenDev sysadmins
as a part of the Git hosting and code review systems migration
detailed in these mailing list posts:

Attempts have been made to correct repository namespaces and
hostnames based on simple pattern matching, but it's possible some
were updated incorrectly or missed entirely. Please reach out to us
via the contact information listed at with any
questions you may have.
2019-04-19 19:31:31 +00:00
Zuul e1b070e019 Merge "Replace git:// URLs with https://" 2019-03-25 03:29:14 +00:00
Ian Wienand ba990e6b1b Replace git:// URLs with https://
This is a mechanically generated change to replace
git:// URLs with https:// equivalents.

This is in aid of a planned future move of the git hosting
infrastructure to a self-hosted instance of gitea (,
which does not support the git wire protocol at this stage.

This update should result in no functional change.

For more information see the thread at

Change-Id: Ia58fa2a5350d2c4d9dc8b54ac76a902005f85f30
2019-03-24 20:34:32 +00:00
Matthew Edmonds 80db06f7d8 Update appdirs lower constraint
The appdirs lower constraint of 1.3.0 does not work with isort >=
4.3.5, which references appdirs.system, which wasn't added until
appdirs 1.4.0. Neutron addressed this by increasing the lower
constraint to 1.4.3 [1] so we'll do the same.

[1] 9bfe63cf0786176cd48943d902690198e02fdb70

Change-Id: I5ba07e5504fe786bc7dcb42ef0f43034d5384f6f
2019-03-22 09:16:44 -04:00
Zuul c87dadbbb4 Merge "Update config options table in usage.rst" 2019-03-13 11:48:18 +00:00
Zuul 53b47345dd Update config options table in usage.rst
Updated two config options namely heal_and_optimize_interval
and exception_interval with their default values and
description in the configuration table.

Change-Id: Ie75b787c302ddd7a5e81a9ff6e3208f72f94671a
Closes-Bug: 1610404
2019-03-13 04:41:44 -05:00
Zuul 565687540d Merge "More py3.x support" 2019-01-02 20:06:42 +00:00
Andreas Jaeger 030b7ea5a6 Use template for lower-constraints
Small cleanups:

* Use openstack-lower-constraints-jobs template, remove individual
* Sort list of templates

Change-Id: Ie5bec468aa6a8a8c437fd3196e1eeea039374f00
2019-01-02 18:41:52 +00:00
Matthew Edmonds ecd72f524a Update tests for policy-in-code
Neutron has implemented policy-in-code [1], which broke some of our
unit tests that were trying to load defaults from a neutron
policy.json file that no longer exists. Since policy defaults are now
in code, we do not need to load defaults from a file anymore, so this
removes that.

[1] f8984c66996c876d5bbd0cc0c4c47f567e515511

Change-Id: I862e27d9f2284415dcdc57074e2136603d79233d
2019-01-02 13:38:40 -05:00
Matthew Edmonds 62df1f2fb9 More py3.x support
The Stein supported runtimes proposal [1] has chosen py36 over py35
due to the communities move to testing on Ubuntu 18.04, where py36
is the default runtime. We update tox.ini and setup.cfg accordingly.

Python 3.6 handles dict order differently than in previous python
versions, so to get py36 to work this uses a sorted() call to make
the behavior consistent across python versions for our network
bridge cleanup and adjusts the corresponding test accordingly.

We also add a py37 option to the tox.ini to facilitate future-looking
tests per the resolution on keeping up with Python 3 releases [2].

The py35 option will eventually need to be removed from tox.ini, but
this keeps it for now in order to allow time for folks to transition.

As previously commented, automatic tox envs (pyXX) will use the python
version appropriate to that env and ignore basepython inherited from
[testenv], so we no longer specify a basepython explicitly for these.


Change-Id: Iebdc9357a79cae1923109fb5e37fefb8021af18d
2018-12-11 12:00:24 -05:00
Matthew Edmonds e132845bb9 Update mailing list email
The openstack-discuss mailing list has replaced openstack-dev. This
updates the email address accordingly.

Change-Id: I1e9f8f5d6767b170031012d7aa468c8d090f060d
2018-12-04 10:38:10 -05:00 8b3b9109c3 Omit the twice occured words in powervm-sriov-neutron.rst
Change-Id: I89d934ff68b288b174e96c48577619bb78f2e298
2018-11-13 18:04:24 +08:00
Sean McGinnis cdcfc531bd Increment versioning with pbr instruction
With moving away from required milestone releases, the version numbers
calculated by PBR on the master branch will not work for those testing
upgrades from the last stable release. More details can be found in the
mailing list post here:

This is an empty commit that will cause PBR to increment its calculated
version to get around this.

PBR will see the following which will cause it to increment the version:

Sem-Ver: feature

Please merge this patch as soon as possible to support those testing

Change-Id: I93af9d7fc8605a751dfc017b818bbb6d5691a83c
Signed-off-by: Sean McGinnis <>
2018-10-12 13:10:27 -05:00
Matthew Edmonds 732a89f5c2 opt in for neutron-lib consumption patches
As part of the Denver PTG [1] we decided networking related projects
that are "current" and want to receive neutron-lib consumption patches
on an on-going basis should indicate such with a well defined comment
in their requirements.txt. This allows us to easily find the list of
project to receive neutron-lib consumption patches [2] by searching for
the string.

In addition, projects opting-in for these patches are also attesting
they will stay up to date with TC and infra initiatives to ensure
consumption patches can flow freely.

This patch adds the "neutron-lib-current" string to requirements.txt
opting in for neutron-lib consumption patches.


Change-Id: I7a2e538ad345d4a2d1cb398c3c325916f54df9e1
2018-10-03 12:07:20 -04:00
Matthew Edmonds 23f481e19c Clean up .gitignore
This cleans up .gitignore, removing things that no longer seem to be
relevant (e.g. .venv) and adding comments and formatting similar to
the suggestions proposed for openstack-dev/cookiecutter [1].


Change-Id: I49ef78256f1f6f3942663441e7708536687b2363
2018-08-24 08:25:33 -04:00
Matthew Edmonds f258eafacd add python 3.6 unit test job
This adds a unit test job running under Python 3.6 as part of the
python3-first goal. See the python3-first goal document for details:

This is manually generated because the script doing this for other
projects does not currently handle the neutron special case.

Change-Id: I92e7b79df29031b6d94d6ab93305f4e20c1ec3a1
Story: #2002586
Task: #24324
2018-08-22 11:48:14 -04:00
Doug Hellmann f58eb4204d import zuul job settings from project-config
This is a mechanically generated patch to complete step 1 of moving
the zuul job settings out of project-config and into each project

Because there will be a separate patch on each branch, the branch
specifiers for branch-specific jobs have been removed.

Because this patch is generated by a script, there may be some
cosmetic changes to the layout of the YAML file(s) as the contents are

See the python3-first goal document for details:

Change-Id: If5013756f45f5ef18628694cc98eff78398810ad
Story: #2002586
Task: #24324
2018-08-22 10:48:45 -04:00
Zuul fad0075e7e Merge "update requirements for neutron-lib 1.18.0" 2018-08-02 19:16:26 +00:00
Matthew Edmonds 59fbf0a3b6 Pass host on get_device_details RPC
Neutron added an optional host argument to the get_device_details RPC
method a long time ago [1] but a recent change [2] has made that no
longer really optional, at least for our usage. This adds host to our
calls so that VIF plug will not timeout with an error in the neutron
logs stating "Device %s has no active binding in host None".

[1] f7064f2b6c6ba1d0ab5f9872b2d5ad7969a64e7b
[2] 01bdb47199468805b714ce4c00c7492951267585

Closes-Bug: #1784950
Change-Id: Ida4102427405e17e42ddc463df4a63c2ba7dcb82
2018-08-01 21:45:00 -04:00
Eric Fried 154319453d Use tox 3.1.1 and basepython fix
tox 3.1.1 fixed which
mishandled the basepython directive. Require this version and remove the

Change-Id: Ie9a7cdd16980c7da87ae521be4198483115ec7a2
2018-07-25 20:25:01 +00:00
Matthew Edmonds cb46ce3a5b update requirements for neutron-lib 1.18.0
neutron has bumped the min requirement for neutron-lib to 1.18.0 [1]
and requested that other networking-* projects that depend on master
do the same [2]. This makes that change.

[1] 02e9f270e913f26a16f40f161c333e54f2dbdef7

Change-Id: I2e38a02c5d34b2b62241e8a3cb8aafffc3c48d6b
2018-07-24 12:25:48 -04:00
Zuul f6d6a2110c Merge "Switch to stestr" 2018-07-24 16:05:22 +00:00
Vu Cong Tuan bb26d13b51 Switch to stestr
According to Openstack summit session [1],
stestr is maintained project to which all Openstack projects should migrate.
Let's switch to stestr as other projects have already moved to it.


Change-Id: Id348ed0c3cb16637990acfa6aaf529cf2567de9a
2018-07-24 08:28:28 +07:00
Eric Fried 03167b516e Match neutron's version of hacking, flake8 ignores
The neutron project bumped its hacking level in test-requirements via
Ia7c7c5a44727f615a151e1e68dd94c7ed42f974f, causing a conflict with ours.

Make our pep8 pass by adding an ignore rule for W504 (line break after
binary operator) to match neutron.

Change-Id: Ifb9583437edba41addff5d3650b350a8941d3150
2018-07-20 15:51:07 +00:00
Matthew Edmonds 6de0eb59cc docs: Modernize build process
This mirrors changes recently merged in nova-powervm to fix [1],
cleanup [2], and modernize [3] our doc building.

[1] 8a0a82fba9e6069f54316c6f0cc4eb4f73d9baae
[2] 5b4d0f82265dbb86fcb044bf9dfe4577e2106904
[3] b0256a71b2195791cda4da9f633a3b5448ee2540

Change-Id: Ic2b47388bceaff3c89b740ac7c3a84dfd69e86bb
2018-06-29 18:05:09 -04:00
Matthew Edmonds a3ddab2118 Cleanup tox.ini
This removes unused sections from tox.ini and fixes the coverage
section so that it will actually work.

Change-Id: I40c00c3a05d73f11605b0a415eccda447a36f6cd
2018-06-29 15:42:59 -04:00
Matthew Edmonds cdd75f18d6 Test our master with neutron's master
Pulling neutron from pypi has been working because we happen to
work with neutron 12.x (queens), but we should really be testing
our master branch with neutron's master branch, not with queens.

This effectively reverts 3b55348dfb.

Some lower constraints needed to be updated to match neutron's
master branch.

It also uses instead of in links.

Change-Id: I18050cfdf9401009f0a87d6cc8b968b7fe3a3bf0
2018-05-29 16:54:32 -04:00
Eric Fried c6735b6d08 Fix pep8 before moving to master
In anticipation of repointing our tox to use neutron master (rather than
staying one release behind via requirements, as we have been), we needed
to fix some pep8 errors that got un-ignored.

Change-Id: I1c25ebe62108e300c16c0a503f1dcc919259bf7d
2018-05-29 15:30:51 -05:00
Zuul 6238bb8e91 Merge "Trivial: update url to new url" 2018-05-13 18:46:28 +00:00
XiaojueGuan 5d1c506ed0 Trivial: update url to new url
Change-Id: I2bf289af935f79a8506a180715de25345bca518d
2018-05-13 22:56:32 +08:00
Zuul e2d54d1a4e Merge "Uncap eventlet and sync requirements" 2018-05-11 19:35:04 +00:00
Matthew Edmonds 3abfbee0a3 update translations for queens
Update translations for the Queens release.

Note: this is being cherry-picked from stable/queens to master
instead of the other way around. The translations were actually done
based on queens, so that is where they were originally merged. In
hindsight, they should also be merged in master so that it has the
latest translations as well, so we should have followed the normal
process of merging in master first, but too late for that now.

Change-Id: I03ab7bef6e9826631e45e3cb62c7f58600e3cd81
(cherry picked from commit eb5d4bf7f4)
2018-04-19 08:57:09 -04:00
Eric Fried 99b12e7bba Uncap eventlet and sync requirements
We will manage the eventlet version using constraints now. See the
thread starting at
for more details.

Meanwhile, it was necessary to address these issues in

Package u'setuptools' is used in requirements.txt but not in

Package u'sphinx' is constrained to 1.6.5 which does not match the
minimum version specifier 1.6.2 in test-requirements.txt

Change-Id: Ie0e7b132acab2300e766ae57613a702db21b142f
Signed-off-by: Doug Hellmann <>
2018-04-11 20:07:17 -05:00
Matthew Edmonds 0b2e99f641 Use py3 for pep8
We should use py3 for pep8 as it is stricter than pep8 on py2.7
and for consistency with nova-powervm [1].


Change-Id: Ife99071b513f98fa2945444f7f969ed0ed4ffa42
2018-04-04 12:31:09 -04:00
Doug Hellmann 4f100698f9 add lower-constraints job
Create a tox environment for running the unit tests against the lower
bounds of the dependencies.

Create a lower-constraints.txt to be used to enforce the lower bounds
in those tests.

Add openstack-tox-lower-constraints job to the zuul configuration.

for more details.

Change-Id: I8e30d45a34c22e1225ad46f033495f14848c8819
Signed-off-by: Doug Hellmann <>
2018-03-22 16:23:03 -04:00
OpenStack Proposal Bot 0c40c0281b Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: I74d0a3a37893b3c4513f14b40f416e52a2110f95
2018-03-15 16:14:03 +00:00
esberglu 3b55348dfb Move neutron to requirements.txt
Neutron was added to global-requirements [1] which breaks the tox
install of neutron. Neutron is now listed in requirements.txt and has
been removed as a dependency in tox.ini. One side effect is that we
based the policy.json path on the location of the neutron git directory
which is no longer the case. The test code has been updated to reflect
the new location of the policy file.


Change-Id: Ibc42b8a835d1a5e6ce09640f5bdf833c2171a9a9
2018-03-15 11:09:41 -05:00
OpenStack Proposal Bot e484511c96 Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: Icdc76e02072550f058c5c9aba4d4794b479333bd
2018-03-13 07:05:08 +00:00
OpenStack Proposal Bot f5da116477 Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: I0fb3ae7da3855ba015fe37d2d7232ffff9fe31ab
2018-03-10 13:26:21 +00:00
Boden R c9d61e5765 use common agent topics from neutron-lib
The neutron.common.topics module was rehomed into neutron-lib with
commit Ie88b84949cbd55a4e7ad06341aab77b286cdc485
This patch consumes it by using neutron-lib's version of the module in
prep for Ia4a4604c259ce862597de80c6deeb3d408bf0e95

Change-Id: I7de0ceeeeee4dc19cfce499dab1697c7e5cc2568
2018-02-28 13:49:57 -07:00
wangqi 60bba700ac fix hacking docs link
The link to hacking docs reroutes to a new location. This change
updates the link to the new location so that we're no longer dependent
on rerouting, which probably won't work forever.

Change-Id: Id84ff6a55e59604f9a5d24b97cb91d5ccc76b348
2018-02-23 11:43:33 +00:00
Sridhar Venkat 2e8ff76e41 Support maximum capacity for SR-IOV VNIC
This patchset handles maxcapacity in binding profile of Neutron port
for SR-IOV. maxcapacity is retrieved from binding profile and pushed into
vif object. Additional changes will be in nova_powervm vif driver to
gather and validate and pass onto pypowervm layer.

In both nova_powervm and pypowervm layers of code, maximum capacity is
validated. Maximum capacity cannot be less than capacity (minimum capacity)
and maximum capacity cannot be greater than 1 (100 %).

Change-Id: I0eb627b94e66158c68fddd7a2a5fc90467efc20d
2018-02-06 13:54:08 -05:00
OpenStack Proposal Bot 4c8671b937 Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: I0f4224bf9256695138d5f395643cc52a8d8e3901
2018-01-27 20:07:10 +00:00