14 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Adam Reznechek 8ee214dba9 Switch to manual service enablement for devstack plugins 2 years ago
  zhangyanxian 710113c83f Optimize the link address for fetching git code 2 years ago
  Drew Thorstensen 6a9e01e7a2 Remove INSTALL_PYPOWERVM 2 years ago
  Eric Fried 39db3df4cd Change devstack pypowervm branch to develop 2 years ago
  Eric Fried a4785bad10 Remove remaining references to PVID looper 2 years ago
  Eric Berglund 12f23fea0c Add expected devstack functions 2 years ago
  Sridhar Venkat d4897df6ab Mechanism driver & agent for powervm SR-IOV 2 years ago
  adreznec 1cba6c6556 Do not error if NovaLink not installed 3 years ago
  adreznec 3a8faa3ffb Disable installing pypowervm by default 3 years ago
  adreznec 936c6cdf90 Fix README whitespace, update README 3 years ago
  adreznec 6d3f54a469 Add networking-powervm devstack multi-node support 3 years ago
  adreznec 7fd11ae028 Change pypowervm repo location 3 years ago
  Adam Reznechek e8c3812485 Add base devstack plugins support 3 years ago