78 Commits (master)

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  Matthew Edmonds ecd72f524a Update tests for policy-in-code 3 months ago
  Matthew Edmonds 62df1f2fb9 More py3.x support 4 months ago
  Matthew Edmonds 59fbf0a3b6 Pass host on get_device_details RPC 8 months ago
  Eric Fried c6735b6d08 Fix pep8 before moving to master 10 months ago
  Matthew Edmonds 3abfbee0a3 update translations for queens 1 year ago
  esberglu 3b55348dfb Move neutron to requirements.txt 1 year ago
  Boden R c9d61e5765 use common agent topics from neutron-lib 1 year ago
  Sridhar Venkat 2e8ff76e41 Support maximum capacity for SR-IOV VNIC 1 year ago
  Matthew Edmonds af1a239cbd fix copyright dates 1 year ago
  Boden R c7db1294eb use ml2 driver api from neutron-lib 1 year ago
  Matthew Edmonds ee285ece2d update translations 1 year ago
  Matthew Edmonds 0c8fd0bfc6 remove log translation files 1 year ago
  rajat29 c7d19413da Replace six.iteritems() with .items() 1 year ago
  Eric Fried f8cd83ba99 Fix docstrings for neutron-lib constants 1 year ago
  Sridhar Venkat 533f0a240c VIOS availability check during agent startup 1 year ago
  Sridhar Venkat ace8c0ef0d Heal and optimize fails to retrieve vifs. 1 year ago
  Eric Fried 428622f01b Re-home neutron-lib constants 1 year ago
  Ravi Kota f380b0a0eb Translation files for supported languages 1 year ago
  Eric Fried 94f64c37b4 Remove log t9n, py34->35, pep8, other tox fixes 1 year ago
  Eric Larese c32da1a58b Exclude non-SEA vifs from list_vifs 2 years ago
  Eric Berglund a9f6adf316 Update neutron agent conf import 2 years ago
  Eric Fried 7eac259b03 Event-driven heal_and_optimize for SR-IOV 2 years ago
  Eric Berglund 240fa28d66 Import context from neutron_lib 2 years ago
  Boden R ab9597f49f Use neutron-lib portbindings api-def 2 years ago
  Sridhar Venkat e64928fd16 Physical network not included in vif details 2 years ago
  Sridhar Venkat a5f5fccdc0 ProvisionRequest does not distinguish event source 2 years ago
  Eric Berglund c509f398a7 Import exceptions from neutron_lib 2 years ago
  Eric Fried 6f93250c34 Add extra logging to bridge mapping updates 2 years ago
  Ravi Kota c9f2863d82 Translation files for supported languages 2 years ago
  Eric Fried 64238d8d94 Restore setup_adapter to BasePVMNeutronAgent 2 years ago
  Eric Fried c35eb18de1 Refactor, consolidate, and clean up agents 2 years ago
  Eric Fried 7820ccd920 Time out port update waiting for vif plug 2 years ago
  Ravi Kota 82665cc2d9 Translation files for supported languages 2 years ago
  Eric Fried a4785bad10 Remove remaining references to PVID looper 2 years ago
  Eric Fried 2bb923e9c0 Switch hacking.checks from neutron to neutron_lib 2 years ago
  Eric Fried e75050c4fb Wait to activate port until vNIC vif is plugged 2 years ago
  Drew Thorstensen 0fcfc379de Remove the PVID Looper 2 years ago
  Eric Fried 37378e0bb6 capacity from binding:profile => ml2 conf => None 2 years ago
  Sridhar Venkat d4897df6ab Mechanism driver & agent for powervm SR-IOV 2 years ago
  Drew Thorstensen 882868c4a9 Enforce limit of VLAN clean ups in each pass 2 years ago
  Drew Thorstensen 897ba209f2 Fix bridge mapping change 2 years ago
  Drew Thorstensen 6391abbed6 Simplify host_uuid and gets 2 years ago
  Drew Thorstensen 3a24253f4b Support VIOS CNAs 2 years ago
  eshaseth 4df3e50301 Support returning non-mgmt LPAR UUIDs 2 years ago
  Drew Thorstensen 63d318d6a3 Update requirements/Remove deprecations 2 years ago
  Eric Fried b431d9e12b Fix package reference in version code 2 years ago
  Sridhar Venkat c4a51c6a3e Avoid invoking get_device_details_list when no ports to update 2 years ago
  Ravi Kota ac2f575e44 Translation files for supported languages 2 years ago
  Sridhar Venkat 0c6d097db4 Better default value for heal and optimize loop 3 years ago
  Drew Thorstensen f5959a1704 Allow multiple session connection attempts 3 years ago