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Adam Reznechek d92033c486 Manual sync with upstream requirements
Bump the reqs/test-reqs to the latest from the upstream
global requirements project.

Change-Id: Ie75a8ed3e2391a3279609bb3cee7afe4352f460d
6 years ago
Adam Reznechek 90dc56c07b Update to match latest global-requirements
Update requirements to the levels defined in OpenStack
global-requirements on 2016-1-10.

Change-Id: Id723a199b198758df027df7bd176adf6659c8114
6 years ago
Drew Thorstensen 46a8ce3b5c Initial Library Setup
Provides the initial baseline for the PowerVM Neutron ML2 Agent.
The work done here provides:
 .gitignore - Indicates which files not to track within Git.
 .gitreview - Input to the git-review command on how to send to Gerrit.
 .testr.conf - Conf file input for the testr command (UT)
 CONTRIBUTING.rst - Information on how to contribute.
 HACKING.rst - Information on what needs to be done for updates.
 LICENSE - The license for the project
 README.rst - Information on what this project is.  Currently this is
              the blueprint.
 openstack-common.conf - Required openstack configuration for all
 setup.cfg - Input to the on how to execute certain actions. - Used for build of the project.
 requirements.txt - Required packages (and levels) to run the code.
 test-requirements.txt - Required packages (and levels) in addition to
                         the requirements, that indicates what is needed
                         to run the UT.
 tox.ini - The input for the tox commands.

In addition, a base set of packages for the agent and unit tests were
loaded in.

Change-Id: Ib7e018b8a8004a5722723cb7ff645eb3b4297886
9 years ago