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Eric Fried 39db3df4cd Change devstack pypowervm branch to develop
Change the default pypowervm branch installed by devstack from 'master'
to 'develop'.  The master branch is not useful.

Change-Id: Ia0d4182fb8adccdd4ae2c1bde72b916fd57f581f
2016-10-13 10:27:42 -05:00
Eric Fried a4785bad10 Remove remaining references to PVID looper
Commit 0fcfc379de removed the PVID looper,
but left references to the corresponding config option.  This change set
removes the config option from sea_agent and references thereto from the
usage.rst and devstack README.rst.

Change-Id: I8e50e9455b53489af2a05b5223c2dd8d51e4758d
Closes-Bug: 1626257
2016-09-21 23:24:13 +00:00
Eric Berglund 12f23fea0c Add expected devstack functions
Devstack expects that there are certain plugin function names which we
have not defined. This defines these function names. They are just
empty functions to aviod command not found errors and provide no
additional functionality.

Change-Id: I281abee72370a583282f3d9ad7c3b572496d025a
2016-08-31 14:08:07 +00:00
Sridhar Venkat d4897df6ab Mechanism driver & agent for powervm SR-IOV
A new mechanism driver is included in this patchset. This has a
corresponding SR-IOV agent implementation as well.

The mechanism driver supports vnic_type direct. Both flat and vlan
network types are suported. The mappings reference maintained by this
driver is derived from agent configuration.  Agent periodically updates
mechanism driver with a list of physical networks derived from port
labels of physical ports of SR-IOV adapters. Mechanism driver validates
incoming port for binding if it has valid physical network attached to
it.  To do this, the check_segment_for_agent method is used by
try_to_bind_segement_for_agent. Under the covers, mappings from the
agent are matched with physical network attribute of the segment.

This mechanism driver also provides vlan information during binding to
vif plug mechanism on nova side. To do this, this mechanism driver
provides binding:vif_details with vlan id. On nova side, during vif plug
operation, vlan can be retrieved from ['details']['vlan'] attribute of

This patchset also includes changes to setup.cfg. A console script
driver to setup networking-powervm-sriov-agent along with its sea

setup.cfg changes also include Mechanism driver setup in ml2.conf
and entry_points.txt file in runtime environment.

Implements: bp/powervm-sriov
Change-Id: I87f6ed095d62afe4c683c2688fa27ddf367a19f6
2016-08-23 13:58:54 -05:00
adreznec 1cba6c6556 Do not error if NovaLink not installed
Instead of throwing a fatal error if NovaLink is not installed,
simply warn the user instead.

Change-Id: I9b945e6869f67efbde9bb20f5838eda3a6dd096f
2016-01-21 12:45:00 -06:00
adreznec 3a8faa3ffb Disable installing pypowervm by default
Add a configurable option to choose to install pypowervm from source,
otherwise default to relying on it already being installed

Change-Id: I35951c8a94be282bccd49674b7ada42bf145610d
2015-12-19 16:23:30 -06:00
adreznec 936c6cdf90 Fix README whitespace, update README
Fix a non-breaking whitespace error in a devstack plugins README link, as well
as updating content to place in the link in better context.

Change-Id: Iadb79632594858011f947dcbe9abf6af39fad280
2015-12-02 08:33:12 -06:00
adreznec 6d3f54a469 Add networking-powervm devstack multi-node support
Support running networking-powervm devstack plugins in a multi-node
environment, add README link to examples

Change-Id: I485b02fc7fd2b85d1827b8eb7bcbc173c7ba9c38
2015-11-30 16:38:36 -06:00
adreznec 7fd11ae028 Change pypowervm repo location
Update the pypowervm repo location in code and docs
for the pypowervm->powervm github org rename

Change-Id: I42ff009dda412e2ded60f5b2432185679b3ff48f
2015-11-18 14:59:31 -06:00
Adam Reznechek e8c3812485 Add base devstack plugins support
Add support for installing networking powervm through the devstack
plugins infrastructure. This allows you to simply enable the plugin
in a devstack localrc, provide any non-default config, and run to configure/install it.
- Added plugin files
- Added README
- Added bashate to tox test environments for scripts

Change-Id: Ie56b279d38c3fdba7971b231470c17dea22156e2
2015-10-29 22:59:43 -04:00