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Installing with Devstack

  1. Download DevStack:

    $ git clone /opt/stack/devstack
  2. Modify DevStack's local.conf to pull in this project by adding:

    enable_plugin networking-powervm

    Example files are available in the nova-powervm project to provide reference on using this driver with the corresponding nova-powervm and ceilometer-powervm drivers. Following these example files will enable the appropriate drivers and services for each node type. Example config files for all-in-one, compute, and control nodes can be found here.

  3. See networking-powervm/doc/source/devref/usage.rst, then configure the installation through options in local.conf as needed for your environment. The Q_PLUGIN_CONF_FILE (ML2) options are only needed for advanced configurations.:

    bridge_mappings = ''
    automated_powervm_vlan_cleanup = True
  4. Run from devstack:

    $ cd /opt/stack/devstack
    $ ./