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Eric Fried 4adbf4b05f Move deprecated pci_passthrough_whitelist
Commit I886045ab4e6bdb8418fd1ccdcd811417ecb4ad4a moved the config option
[DEFAULT] pci_passthrough_whitelist to [pci] passthrough_whitelist.
This change set updates our devref accordingly.

Change-Id: Ide034a9b444a9a18ea312f63a8e2b7226a74a6c2
6 years ago
devref Move deprecated pci_passthrough_whitelist 6 years ago
policies Change networking-powervm launchpad bugs link 8 years ago Replace deprecated library function os.popen() with subprocess 7 years ago
index.rst Provide dev ref update 8 years ago
readme.rst Provide dev ref update 8 years ago