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Eric Berglund a9f6adf316 Update neutron agent conf import
Updates the import from neutron.agent.common.config to new location
neutron.conf.agent.common in repsonse to a change in neutron [1]


Change-Id: I74746a92dbcac63e15fb0e0bebf7c68cb722a176
6 years ago
hacking Switch hacking.checks from neutron to neutron_lib 7 years ago
locale Translation files for supported languages 7 years ago
plugins Update neutron agent conf import 6 years ago
tests Event-driven heal_and_optimize for SR-IOV 6 years ago Add i18n module for networking-powervm domain 8 years ago Rebase: proper '_' import, deprecated xags 7 years ago Fix package reference in version code 7 years ago