Add releasenotes for recently added fixes


Dropped one releasenote that doesn't apply to stable branches and
amended the title of the commit message for the backport.

Signed-off-by: Dr. Jens Harbott <>
Change-Id: I856af3f0143e75253d001b50e70a418c1cac89f6
(cherry picked from commit abfd71ce42)
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Dr. Jens Harbott 2022-09-14 13:19:29 +02:00
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- |
The BGP service plugin RPC queue has been added to RPC workers, like
it is done in other Neutron service plugins (l3-plugin, metering, etc.).
This fixes RPC requests and AMQP heartbeats not getting processed in
time, causing AMQP connection dropping, and other unpredictable unwanted
See bug `1974057 <>`_.

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- |
Multiple issues in the implementation of the StaticScheduler have been
fixed that may have caused peers to be erroneously descheduled.
See bug `1980235 <>`_.