15 Commits (19347ceb2b29fa4a173dee9709006da006c224d0)

Author SHA1 Message Date
zhanghao f8f9463cf7 Remove usage of six 1 year ago
YAMAMOTO Takashi 39d9d0de9e Fix TypeError for BgpSpeakerRescheduleError 4 years ago
YAMAMOTO Takashi 78ae7cb8f5 Update after agent extension rehome 4 years ago
Hirofumi Ichihara 972756f603 Support 4-Byte AS Numbers 4 years ago
Armando Migliaccio c576ffd48d Use FAULT_MAP from neutron-lib 4 years ago
fumihiko kakuma 0e7e93051e Reschedule a bgp speaker binded to a down dr-agent 4 years ago
Gary Kotton 6a4916e313 Use flake8-import-order plugin 4 years ago
Roey Chen 64699728bd Fix exception message for DuplicateBgpPeerIpException 4 years ago
Henry Gessau 130861b86b Use ExtensionDescriptor from neutron-lib 5 years ago
Henry Gessau e1bf61996a Use DB field sizes instead of _MAX_LEN constants 5 years ago
Henry Gessau 59d082e988 Remove PLURALS 5 years ago
Armando Migliaccio 04538fc4c9 Switch to using plugins directory in lieu of neutron manager 5 years ago
fumihiko kakuma 635a4df588 Fix no attribute error for 'convert_to_boolean' 5 years ago
Gary Kotton 8214a8a2b7 Fix exception translation 5 years ago
Ryan Tidwell 270b37f22b Move BGP service plugin, agent, and tests out of Neutron repo 5 years ago