51 Commits (19347ceb2b29fa4a173dee9709006da006c224d0)

Author SHA1 Message Date
elajkat 6a6f49b609 Migrate to new engine facade 10 months ago
Dr. Jens Harbott 76de6240c9 Clean up workaround in bgp_dragent_scheduler 2 years ago
zhanghao f8f9463cf7 Remove usage of six 1 year ago
Jens Harbott e2d4cede45 Fix resource_filter.bind method that was changed in neutron 2 years ago
Boden R 979b676e3a use payloads for ROUTER_GATEWAY events 3 years ago
Benoît Knecht 4780fe548b bgp: Gracefully handle missing last_known_router_id 2 years ago
Ryan Tidwell 69e9888b01
Implement DVR-aware fixed IP lookups 3 years ago
Ryan Tidwell fc2dae7c93
Enable MP-BGP capabilities in Ryu BGP driver 3 years ago
Ryan Tidwell 34655a8e6e
Migrate neutron-dynamic-routing from Ryu to os-ken 3 years ago
Boden R 266246fd84 use common rpc and exceptions from neutron-lib 3 years ago
Boden R 367201cb00 load neutron objects using neutron-lib 3 years ago
Boden R 78d68a18ba use rpc Connection rather than create_connection 3 years ago
Sławek Kapłoński dcba0d29c4 Enable mutable config in Neutron-dynamic-routing 4 years ago
Thomas Morin 3192147009 remove unused plugin.get_plugin_name() 4 years ago
Boden R ee37a36894 use common agent topics from neutron-lib 4 years ago
Jens Harbott fd497a491a Fix failure when adding a speaker to an agent 4 years ago
zhaojingjing0067370 0d8ab06004 The description of the range for local_as and remote_as is incorrect in file "base.py" 4 years ago
Nguyen Phuong An 39699184d8 Use agent OVO for bgp_dragent_scheduler 4 years ago
Hirofumi Ichihara 972756f603 Support 4-Byte AS Numbers 4 years ago
fumihiko kakuma e71d151668 Use common constants in neutron-lib 4 years ago
chenghuiyu 699531dd4b Stop using is_agent_down 4 years ago
Brian Haley d13fdaef43 Fix unit tests and test configuration 4 years ago
fumihiko kakuma 0e7e93051e Reschedule a bgp speaker binded to a down dr-agent 4 years ago
Boden R bb77654516 use synchronized decorator from neutron-lib 4 years ago
Akihiro Motoki 1c9168176c Update the documentation link for doc migration 4 years ago
Gary Kotton 6a4916e313 Use flake8-import-order plugin 4 years ago
Boden R 19852a6693 consume neutron-lib callbacks 5 years ago
fumihiko kakuma 086384c3b1 Enable neutron-dynamic-routing scheduler 5 years ago
John Perkins d59cc092d2 Agent common config move 5 years ago
Armando Migliaccio 2a4ae06b8c Use neutron-lib's context module 5 years ago
Boden R 0ee597c4fa consume ServicePluginBase from neutron-lib 5 years ago
fumihiko kakuma f7a4b32137 Fix relocated DB models 5 years ago
vikram.choudhary 6ef114c683 Renamed [BGP] config section to [bgp] 5 years ago
LIU Yulong d92b1e723e Gracefully withdraw the floating IP bgp route 5 years ago
fumihiko kakuma 9dc8c1afc2 Fix ipv6 transport failure caused by Ryu 4.9 and above 5 years ago
LIU Yulong 0980985b2f Let the bgp_plugin to query floating IP bgp next_hop 5 years ago
unknown 838804527d fix description, tenant to project 5 years ago
unknown 239577c3b0 fix the comments error 5 years ago
Armando Migliaccio 0f799a3969 Update module path of RPC classes 5 years ago
Dongcan Ye 15c83c5b12 Fix unicode bug for password-authenticated BGP peer 5 years ago
Na 62cb5c4184 Fix the policy check for BGP APIs 5 years ago
Na 2823484406 Fix the issue about BGP dragent reports state failed 5 years ago
Ryan Tidwell 270b37f22b Move BGP service plugin, agent, and tests out of Neutron repo 5 years ago