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335 Commits (61817eaeee84a4f5538f0e5f7473231c903a9399)

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Ghanshyam Mann 61817eaeee Update python testing as per zed cycle teting runtime 5 months ago
YuehuiLei 7245c228c2 setup.cfg: Replace dashes with underscores 1 year ago
melissaml 9a0e375c4e Remove translation sections from setup.cfg 2 years ago
Andreas Jaeger 3b546a362b Cleanup py27 support 3 years ago
Bernard Cafarelli 777fb1638e
Drop python 2 support and testing 3 years ago
asarfaty 0c98a88de7 Remove tempest path from setup.cfg & tox.ini 3 years ago
Corey Bryant 7a2b807d69 Add Python 3 Train unit tests 3 years ago
Ghanshyam Mann e8eb9e3715 Dropping the py35 testing 3 years ago
Akihiro Motoki 1241f9b603 Convert policy.json into policy-in-code 4 years ago
malei 434a60407e Change openstack-dev to openstack-discuss 4 years ago
qingszhao 7c013a43ad removing older python version 3.4 from setup.cfg 4 years ago
zhaojingjing0067370 388f2b2060 Adding neutron.service_plugins for "entry_points" in file "setup.cfg" 5 years ago
Akihiro Motoki 1c9168176c Update the documentation link for doc migration 5 years ago
Akihiro Motoki 6580d73811 Enable warning-is-error in doc build 5 years ago
YAMAMOTO Takashi 5aa7d9ac58 tempest plugin: Don't use the same name as neutron 6 years ago
melissaml dc6c2c6322 Changed the home-page link 6 years ago
qinchunhua 067c90276a Add Python 3.5 venv and classifier 6 years ago
Ryan Tidwell a636af4e30 Clean up API tests for neutron-dynamic-routing 6 years ago
Na 62cb5c4184 Fix the policy check for BGP APIs 6 years ago
steve.ruan e0b214a7d4 Add "neutron-bgp-dragent" to setup.cfg 6 years ago
Ryan Tidwell 270b37f22b Move BGP service plugin, agent, and tests out of Neutron repo 6 years ago
vikram.choudhary 61a933f105 Added alembic DB migration framework 6 years ago
vikram.choudhary 4ba80f3f1c Prepare initial sandbox for neutron-dynamic-routing 7 years ago
Doug Hellmann c42ee2cf2e register the config generator default hook with the right name 7 years ago
ZhaoBo 3542cb7cb0 Add timestamp for neutron core resources 7 years ago
Hirofumi Ichihara bb4a136c2d Add tag mechanism for network resources 7 years ago
Michael Krotscheck 1e89d703aa Moved CORS middleware configuration into oslo-config-generator 7 years ago
Sławek Kapłoński 2ba3546596 Add support for QoS for LinuxBridge agent 7 years ago
Mike Dorman c01cb5d463 Add API extension for reporting IP availability usage statistics 7 years ago
Andreas Scheuring 9dcaf8167b macvtap: Macvtap L2 Agent 7 years ago
vikram.choudhary 8f2b2f35bb BGP Dynamic Routing: introduce BgpDrAgent 7 years ago
Andreas Scheuring ca47a5f1c8 macvtap: ML2 mech driver for macvtap network attachments 7 years ago
Jakub Libosvar 90e512386b Open vSwitch conntrack based firewall driver 7 years ago
Ryan Tidwell 9d1d6a08db Add BGP Dynamic Routing DB Model and Basic CRUD 7 years ago
armando-migliaccio a05bca5980 Add the ability to load a set of service plugins on startup 7 years ago
Henry Gessau 9fca5bcb9e Remove obsolete plugin stuff 7 years ago
Miguel Lavalle d2de3d7c70 External DNS driver reference implementation 7 years ago
Kevin Benton b7a7e87285 Make neutron pecan server an option instead of binary 7 years ago
Ihar Hrachyshka 4393dd37e1 Enable Guru Meditation Reports for other refarch agents 7 years ago
fumihiko kakuma 7169383845 Decompose OFAgent mechanism driver from neutron tree completely 7 years ago
niusmallnan 25940da1d2 move usage_audit to cmd/eventlet package 7 years ago
Matt Riedemann f6e7a282ac Set timetable for removal of oslo.messaging.notify.drivers 7 years ago
Henry Gessau 9233ec9c0d Final decomposition of the nuage plugin 7 years ago
Henry Gessau addb699a42 Final decomposition of Brocade vendor code 7 years ago
Victor Laza a1e818a604 Remove Neutron core static example configuration files - addition 7 years ago
Gary Kotton 1fd726aae3 Hyper-V: remove driver from the neutron tree 7 years ago
Kyle Mestery 2797c61bb3 Remove version from setup.cfg 7 years ago
Martin Hickey c0d12fd307 Automatically generate neutron core configuration files 7 years ago
TrinathSomanchi 3c0effa239 Freescale ML2 driver code complete decomposition. 7 years ago
Kanzhe Jiang 670a645dd8 Remove BigSwitch plugin and driver 7 years ago