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49 Commits (61817eaeee84a4f5538f0e5f7473231c903a9399)

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Ghanshyam Mann 41fb4259d8 Drop lower-constraints.txt and its testing 5 months ago
shanyunfan33 c955e8165a Use TOX_CONSTRAINTS_FILE 9 months ago
Jens Harbott 03876054ad Drop dsvm-functional tox env and related files 1 year ago
zhangboye f9288d7f30 Use py3 as the default runtime for tox 1 year ago
elajkat d7a66c491e Add doc/requirements 2 years ago
Andreas Jaeger 045811b0d2 Fix docs publishing 3 years ago
Bernard Cafarelli 777fb1638e
Drop python 2 support and testing 3 years ago
asarfaty 0c98a88de7 Remove tempest path from setup.cfg & tox.ini 3 years ago
Akihiro Motoki b6d13bdce5 PDF documentation build 3 years ago
Corey Bryant 7a2b807d69 Add Python 3 Train unit tests 3 years ago
Ryan Tidwell a32c6f8c23
Convert CI jobs to python 3 3 years ago
gujin dace47cc07 Replace URLs with URLs 3 years ago
Ghanshyam Mann e8eb9e3715 Dropping the py35 testing 3 years ago
zhulingjie bb7a0fb1cb Update hacking version 3 years ago
Boden R 51986c5f75 stop using common db mixin methods 4 years ago
Boden R 19aed83ff1
Fix gate issues on master 4 years ago
Akihiro Motoki 1241f9b603 Convert policy.json into policy-in-code 4 years ago
Boden R 06b8542f7c add local tox targets for pep8 and py3 4 years ago
Vieri 3ff0ba1f27 Update min tox version to 2.0 4 years ago
Doug Hellmann f245c52b3c fix tox python3 overrides 4 years ago
Slawek Kaplonski 93a8b15840 Switch to stestr 4 years ago
Doug Hellmann b989411bad add lower-constraints job 5 years ago
Andreas Jaeger 6d64726f24 Avoid 5 years ago
loooosy 160456f438 Enable some off-by-default checks 5 years ago
Gary Kotton 6a4916e313 Use flake8-import-order plugin 5 years ago
Ihar Hrachyshka f941ca2c7c Switched remaining jobs to ostestr 6 years ago
Ihar Hrachyshka 38784329a0 Remove subunit-trace fork 6 years ago
Ihar Hrachyshka b57eb93f24 Fix tempest api tests path for tox.ini 6 years ago
Ihar Hrachyshka 366e30670e Disable new N537 hacking check from next neutron-lib 6 years ago
Ihar Hrachyshka f41dcd375a pep8: switched to neutron-lib hacking checks 6 years ago
AvnishPal 6d3c8438aa Update tox.ini for upper constraints 6 years ago
vikram.choudhary 294b615702 Fixed "tox -e py27" warning message 6 years ago
qinchunhua 067c90276a Add Python 3.5 venv and classifier 6 years ago
fumihiko kakuma a2ebd8704b Allow to run functional tests 6 years ago
Henry Gessau bd0473b683 Enable DeprecationWarning in test environments 6 years ago
Gary Kotton 4815ac254e Remove check_i18n files 6 years ago
Ryan Tidwell 270b37f22b Move BGP service plugin, agent, and tests out of Neutron repo 6 years ago
vikram.choudhary d0941d4bc2 Added OSLO config framework 6 years ago
vikram.choudhary 61a933f105 Added alembic DB migration framework 7 years ago
vikram.choudhary 4ba80f3f1c Prepare initial sandbox for neutron-dynamic-routing 7 years ago