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  Yushiro FURUKAWA 0a2bef43e3 Migrate to stestr as unit tests runner 1 year ago
  Akihiro Motoki 9f8709b396 doc: Add policy reference 4 months ago
  Andreas Jaeger b860883481 Add Zuul v3 native midonet cross test 1 year ago
  Akihiro Motoki e32cad0333 Add auto-generated config reference 1 year ago
  Akihiro Motoki dbb47f5b8a rearrange content to fit the new standard layout 1 year ago
  Akihiro Motoki fe7cd58a5d Enable warning-is-error in doc build 1 year ago
  Martin Hickey 93883c17db Automatically generate neutron FWaaS configuration files 3 years ago
  Kyle Mestery bffe8c1175 Add reno for release notes management 3 years ago
  Bertrand Lallau 6cbe3c1b70 Remove quantum untracked files from .gitignore 3 years ago
  Doug Wiegley e59c0a60ba Fix gitignore of egg files properly 4 years ago
  Doug Wiegley e6e929b60f After the services split, get neutron-fwaas Jenkins jobs passing 4 years ago
  Kevin Benton c230224618 Ignore top-level hidden dirs/files by default 4 years ago
  Doug Wiegley 66d6d6dc1e Ignore emacs checkpoint files 4 years ago
  Zhenguo Niu 7e3e830d0d Updates .gitignore 5 years ago
  ZhiQiang Fan fb973b1ab5 Ignore pbr*.egg directory 5 years ago
  Ryota MIBU 1daeca3d0f Add cover/ to .gitignore 5 years ago
  Mark McClain ee576e2921 Rename Quantum to Neutron 5 years ago
  Aaron Rosen a094632eb1 Add *.swo/swp to .gitignore 5 years ago
  Monty Taylor 7c983cac33 Move to pbr. 6 years ago
  Monty Taylor dd13933581 Add initial testr support. 6 years ago
  He Jie Xu 7eb6cd868a Use babel to generate translation file 6 years ago
  Zhongyue Luo 7c4381cb90 .gitignore cleanup 6 years ago
  Maru Newby 666c23fbf7 Add tox artifacts to .gitignore 6 years ago
  Clark Boylan 08e6dd706e Add build_sphinx options. 6 years ago
  Bhuvan Arumugam 6982f5af25 Include AUTHORS in release package. 7 years ago
  Monty Taylor 23625ca58d Split out pip requires and aligned tox file. 7 years ago
  Monty Taylor ba63a646fc Split out quantum.client and quantum.common. 7 years ago
  Monty Taylor 463fc8aacb Getting ready for the client split. 7 years ago
  James E. Blair b11971933a Base version.py on glance. 7 years ago
  James E. Blair d9827b863b Rename .quantum-venv to .venv. 7 years ago
  James E. Blair 3147146641 Remove plugin pip-requires. 7 years ago