32 Commits (master)

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  Akihiro Motoki 9ba9d8a3a1 devstack: Enable q-fwaas-v2 by default 3 weeks ago
  Édouard Thuleau 5694e2dbaf Add service checks before trying to configure it 2 months ago
  Nguyen Phuong An 0e968fa0c7 Removing FWaaS v1 source code 5 months ago
  Akihiro Motoki 3288743827 Convert policy.json into policy-in-code 1 year ago
  YAMAMOTO Takashi 1db799a092 Correct package name libnetfilter-log on CentOS 5 months ago
  Yushiro FURUKAWA e63882d43c Load neutron_fwaas.conf with '--config-file' for neutron-server 8 months ago
  Nguyen Phuong An 15cabc798d Add python binding for libnetfilter_log 9 months ago
  Nguyen Phuong An 3b1590ff69 FWaaS v2: L3 logging agent extension 10 months ago
  Dao Cong Tien b3a0f3bfe4 Check pep8 without ignoring D000 10 months ago
  Édouard Thuleau 9b353afde4 Implements a plugable backend driver 1 year ago
  Cao Xuan Hoang 55ffabd3a4 Fix devstack configuration for fwaas v2 1 year ago
  Nguyen Van Trung 4eefecf4f0 Add doc8 to pep8 check for neutron-fwaas project 1 year ago
  Yushiro FURUKAWA dbac4b8922 FWaaS v2 extension for L2 agent 2 years ago
  Akihiro Motoki 2c9f059c6e devstack: Use entrypoint name for service_plugin 1 year ago
  Elena Ezhova 21d18e303c [DevStack] Configure iptables_v2 firewall driver for FWaaS V2. 1 year ago
  Akihiro Motoki 004cb8fa3b Update the documentation link for doc migration 1 year ago
  Akihiro Motoki dbb47f5b8a rearrange content to fit the new standard layout 1 year ago
  Van Hung Pham c5a0d0ba79 Optimize the link address 1 year ago
  Vikash082 93da2295df Added neutron_fwaas.conf file for Firewall config 2 years ago
  YAMAMOTO Takashi b694065a37 devstack: Adapt to lib/neutron 2 years ago
  Cao Xuan Hoang 46cf23aabf Add supported conntrack_driver option to devstack plugin 2 years ago
  zhangyanxian 9cfba0d735 Optimize the link address for fetching git code 2 years ago
  Ha Van Tu 27b0fff119 Privsep configuration for neutron-fwaas 2 years ago
  Artur Korzeniewski f7697590a4 Docs: fix Devstack config documentation rendering 2 years ago
  YAMAMOTO Takashi 642e09d411 Revert "Set NETWORK_API_EXTENSIONS in fwaas devstack plugin" 2 years ago
  Nate Johnston 8bf87a0b05 Set NETWORK_API_EXTENSIONS in fwaas devstack plugin 2 years ago
  Nate Johnston a66f3a68bf Add devstack plugin support for fwaas v2 2 years ago
  Margaret Frances 6718fd8560 FWaaS v2 utilize L3 Agent Extension framework 2 years ago
  YAMAMOTO Takashi ea23bbc3ee devstack: Don't bother to have our own l3 agent config file 2 years ago
  Sean M. Collins e70a782008 DevStack plugin for fwaas 2 years ago