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  Akihiro Motoki 3288743827 Convert policy.json into policy-in-code 1 year ago
  Akihiro Motoki 355b250b10 Move remaining policy rules specific to neutron-fwaas 1 year ago
  Vikash082 93da2295df Added neutron_fwaas.conf file for Firewall config 2 years ago
  reedip 1723762cf1 Migrate Public attribute to shared in Policy.json 2 years ago
  Cedric Brandily 01ae5e7ec0 Revert "Netlink solution to improve FWaaS performance" 2 years ago
  Margaret Frances e7ebbebb39 Update policy.json for FWaaS v2 2 years ago
  Ha Van Tu 6d5afd1a6f Netlink solution to improve FWaaS performance 2 years ago
  Ha Van Tu 27b0fff119 Privsep configuration for neutron-fwaas 2 years ago
  Nate Johnston a66f3a68bf Add devstack plugin support for fwaas v2 2 years ago
  Nate Johnston 68b4bcaae5 Migrate FWaaS policy.json to FWaaS repo 2 years ago
  Martin Hickey 6713d0ac33 Remove Neutron FWaaS static example configuration files 3 years ago
  Martin Hickey 93883c17db Automatically generate neutron FWaaS configuration files 3 years ago
  Doug Wiegley 9f1f6cf5d9 Fix python path in ini file 4 years ago
  Sridar Kandaswamy 14208b5e79 Firewall as a Service (FWaaS) Agent 5 years ago