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  OpenStack Proposal Bot f0f23adb62 Updated from global requirements 2 years ago
  OpenStack Proposal Bot f4615c70ae Updated from global requirements 3 years ago
  OpenStack Proposal Bot 8de258e595 Updated from global requirements 3 years ago
  OpenStack Proposal Bot cd818d0532 Updated from global requirements 3 years ago
  OpenStack Proposal Bot bf261bce1a Updated from global requirements 5 years ago
  OpenStack Jenkins a896e42ef9 Updated from global requirements 5 years ago
  Monty Taylor feac5725fe Updated from global requirements 5 years ago
  Monty Taylor 7c983cac33 Move to pbr. 6 years ago
  Irena Berezovsky 233e07b826 blueprint mellanox-quantum-plugin 6 years ago
  Maru Newby 5fbddaff84 Shorten the path of the nicira nvp plugin. 6 years ago
  Rich Curran 05550756db blueprint cisco-single-config 6 years ago
  Terry Wilson 4d92a8635a Add lbaas_agent files to setup.py 6 years ago
  Gary Kotton 14954744e9 Replace "OpenStack LLC" with "OpenStack Foundation" 6 years ago
  Dan Wendlandt a7e37b1af8 First havana commit. 6 years ago
  Dan Wendlandt 140ba666fb remove references to netstack in setup.py 6 years ago
  Mark McClain 0f0828715f LBaaS Agent Reference Implementation 6 years ago
  Gary Kotton 773a0e3ca5 Add midonet to setup.py 6 years ago
  Aaron Rosen 5884ed9289 Add check-nvp-config utility 6 years ago
  Shiv Haris c01b879fca Adds Brocade Plugin implementation 6 years ago
  Edgar Magana d783a28878 PLUMgrid quantum plugin 6 years ago
  Monty Taylor 206ff3e0d0 Updated to latest oslo-version code. 6 years ago
  Arvind Somya 6b448a6d1d Cisco plugin cleanup 6 years ago
  Alessandro Pilotti faacad6ff0 Adds support for deploying Quantum on Windows 6 years ago
  Mark McClain c3dd8a638e Add migration support to Quantum 6 years ago
  Gary Kotton e5bc05def8 Add OVS cleanup utility 6 years ago
  Dan Prince b345f141fb Add restproxy.ini to config_path in setup.py. 6 years ago
  Dan Prince 956009bc12 Add metadata_agent.ini to config_path in setup.py. 6 years ago
  Mark McClain c16e1134df add metadata proxy support for Quantum Networks 6 years ago
  Monty Taylor 9f43e03b8b Updated openstack-common setup and version code. 6 years ago
  justin Lund 91a2b5a5ef Correct Intended Audience 6 years ago
  justin Lund eb30f51c9e Add OpenStack trove classifier for PyPI 6 years ago
  Somik Behera 0a38f140d3 l3_nat_agent was renamed to l3_agent 6 years ago
  Jiajun Liu f20ae0c0fe add missing files from setup.py 6 years ago
  Nachi Ueno 1cd11b2d90 Implements agent for Quantum Networking testing 6 years ago
  Mark McClain bff590fd36 Create utility to clean-up netns. 6 years ago
  John Dunning 81fd9afe62 Update rootwrap; track changes in nova/cinder 6 years ago
  Mark McClain bdea722c03 Add lease expiration script support for dnsmasq 6 years ago
  Dan Wendlandt 8543a7e95e quantum l3 + floating IP support 6 years ago
  Ryota MIBU 8d1007e2d3 NEC OpenFlow plugin support. 6 years ago
  Nachi Ueno 21b6445ae0 Initial implemention of MetaPlugin 6 years ago
  Mark McClain 82f43f050e implement dhcp agent for quantum 6 years ago
  Monty Taylor 3efd2a86e4 Use setuptools git plugin for file inclusion. 6 years ago
  Gary Kotton 259d81f7ae Remove paste configuration details to a seperate file. 6 years ago
  Gary Kotton 6ef8c377c0 Implements the blueprint use-common-cfg for the quantum service. 6 years ago
  Monty Taylor 117f178914 Fix up test running to match jenkins expectation. 6 years ago
  Jason Kölker 5919abccbb PEP8 fixes 6 years ago
  Bhuvan Arumugam 6982f5af25 Include AUTHORS in release package. 7 years ago
  Monty Taylor 23625ca58d Split out pip requires and aligned tox file. 7 years ago
  Ionuț Arțăriși 9a02b86107 remove pep8 and strict lxml version from setup.py 7 years ago
  Isaku Yamahata 05d0cccfeb plugin: introduce ryu plugin 7 years ago