Horizon UI support for Neutron LBaaS
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Neutron-lbaas-dashboard is now deprecated. Please see the FAQ: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Neutron/LBaaS/Deprecation


Horizon panels for Neutron LBaaS v2


  • Please see neutron-lbaas repository


  1. Package the neutron_lbaas_dashboard by running:

    python setup.py sdist

    This will create a python egg in the dist folder, which can be used to install on the horizon machine or within horizon's python virtual environment.

  2. Copy _1481_project_ng_loadbalancersv2_panel.py in neutron_lbaas_dashboard/enabled directory to openstack_dashboard/local/enabled.
  3. (Optional) Copy the policy file into horizon's policy files folder, and add this config POLICY_FILES:

    'neutron_lbaas': 'neutron_lbaas_policy.json',
  4. Django has a compressor feature that performs many enhancements for the delivery of static files. If the compressor feature is enabled in your environment (COMPRESS_OFFLINE = True), run the following commands:

    $ ./manage.py collectstatic
    $ ./manage.py compress
  5. Finally restart your web server to enable neutron-lbaas-dashboard in your Horizon:

    $ sudo service apache2 restart

Enabling neutron-lbaas-dashboard and octavia-dashboard

In general we advise against having both dashboards running at the same time to avoid confusing users, which is exaggerated since the dashboards will have the same label.

In rare circumstances, e.g. as part of a migration strategy, it might be necessary to do so. The main issue to watch out for is to avoid neutron-lbaas and Octavia getting out of sync and neutron-lbaas-dashboard showing phantom load balancers - this can be avoided if the sync between Octavia and neutron-lbaas is fully enabled.

Here is a table to show some cases:

Configuration neutron-lbaas Configuration Octavia neutron-lbaas-dashboard enabled octavia-dashboard enabled Notes
not installed v2 API enabled not supported preferred
octavia-driver v2 API disabled v1 API enabled supported not supported sync required
octavia-driver v2 API enabled v1 API enabled supported preferred sync required
octavia-proxy plugin v1 API disabled v2 API enabled Supported (but not recommended) preferred
no octavia driver but other drivers not installed preferred not supported
no octavia driver but other drivers v2 API enabled v1 API disabled preferred preferred independent services