Neutron shared routines and utilities.
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# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
# not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
# a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
# WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
# License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations
# under the License.
import functools
from oslo_db import exception as db_exc
from oslo_utils import excutils
import sqlalchemy
from sqlalchemy.ext.associationproxy import ASSOCIATION_PROXY
from sqlalchemy.orm import exc
from sqlalchemy.orm import properties
from neutron_lib._i18n import _
from neutron_lib.api import attributes
from neutron_lib import exceptions as n_exc
def get_and_validate_sort_keys(sorts, model):
"""Extract sort keys from sorts and ensure they are valid for the model.
:param sorts: A list of (key, direction) tuples.
:param model: A sqlalchemy ORM model class.
:returns: A list of the extracted sort keys.
:raises BadRequest: If a sort key attribute references another resource
and cannot be used in the sort.
sort_keys = [s[0] for s in sorts]
for sort_key in sort_keys:
sort_key_attr = getattr(model, sort_key)
except AttributeError as e:
# Extension attributes don't support sorting. Because it
# existed in attr_info, it will be caught here.
msg = _("'%s' is an invalid attribute for sort key") % sort_key
raise n_exc.BadRequest(
resource=model.__tablename__, msg=msg) from e
if isinstance(,
msg = _("Attribute '%(attr)s' references another resource and "
"cannot be used to sort '%(resource)s' resources"
) % {'attr': sort_key, 'resource': model.__tablename__}
raise n_exc.BadRequest(resource=model.__tablename__, msg=msg)
return sort_keys
def get_sort_dirs(sorts, page_reverse=False):
"""Extract sort directions from sorts, possibly reversed.
:param sorts: A list of (key, direction) tuples.
:param page_reverse: True if sort direction is reversed.
:returns: The list of extracted sort directions optionally reversed.
if page_reverse:
return ['desc' if s[1] else 'asc' for s in sorts]
return ['asc' if s[1] else 'desc' for s in sorts]
def _is_nested_instance(exception, etypes):
"""Check if exception or its inner excepts are an instance of etypes."""
return (isinstance(exception, etypes) or
isinstance(exception, n_exc.MultipleExceptions) and
any(_is_nested_instance(i, etypes)
for i in exception.inner_exceptions))
def is_retriable(exception):
"""Determine if the said exception is retriable.
:param exception: The exception to check.
:returns: True if 'exception' is retriable, otherwise False.
if _is_nested_instance(exception,
(db_exc.DBDeadlock, exc.StaleDataError,
db_exc.DBDuplicateEntry, db_exc.RetryRequest)):
return True
# Look for savepoints mangled by deadlocks. See bug/1590298 for details.
return (_is_nested_instance(exception, db_exc.DBError) and
'1305' in str(exception))
def reraise_as_retryrequest(function):
"""Wrap the said function with a RetryRequest upon error.
:param function: The function to wrap/decorate.
:returns: The 'function' wrapped in a try block that will reraise any
Exception's as a RetryRequest.
:raises RetryRequest: If the wrapped function raises retriable exception.
def _wrapped(*args, **kwargs):
return function(*args, **kwargs)
except Exception as e:
with excutils.save_and_reraise_exception() as ctx:
if is_retriable(e):
ctx.reraise = False
raise db_exc.RetryRequest(e)
return _wrapped
def get_marker_obj(plugin, context, resource, limit, marker):
"""Retrieve a resource marker object.
This function is used to invoke
plugin._get_<resource>(context, marker) and is used for pagination.
:param plugin: The plugin processing the request.
:param context: The request context.
:param resource: The resource name.
:param limit: Indicates if pagination is in effect.
:param marker: The id of the marker object.
:returns: The marker object associated with the plugin if limit and marker
are given.
if limit and marker:
return getattr(plugin, '_get_%s' % resource)(context, marker)
def resource_fields(resource, fields):
"""Return only the resource items that are in fields.
:param resource: A resource dict.
:param fields: A list of fields to select from the resource.
:returns: A new dict that contains only fields from resource as well
as its attribute project info.
if fields:
resource = {key: item for key, item in resource.items()
if key in fields}
return attributes.populate_project_info(resource)
def filter_non_model_columns(data, model):
"""Return the attributes from data which are model columns.
:param data: The dict containing the data to filter.
:param model: The model who's column names are used when filtering data.
:returns: A new dict who's keys are columns in model or are association
proxies of the model.
mapper = sqlalchemy.inspect(model)
columns = set( for c in mapper.columns)
columns.update(d.value_attr for d in mapper.all_orm_descriptors
if d.extension_type is ASSOCIATION_PROXY)
return dict((k, v) for (k, v)
in data.items() if k in columns)
def model_query_scope_is_project(context, model):
"""Determine if a model should be scoped to a project.
:param context: The context to check for admin and advsvc rights.
:param model: The model to check the project_id of.
:returns: True if the context is not admin and not advsvc and the model
has a project_id. False otherwise.
# Unless a context has 'admin' or 'advanced-service' rights the
# query will be scoped to a single project_id
return ((not context.is_admin and hasattr(model, 'project_id')) and
(not context.is_advsvc and hasattr(model, 'project_id')))
def model_query(context, model):
"""Query the context for the said model.
:param context: The context to use for the query.
:param model: The model to query for.
:returns: A query from the said context for the said model.
query = context.session.query(model)
# define basic filter condition for model query
query_filter = None
if model_query_scope_is_project(context, model):
query_filter = (model.tenant_id == context.tenant_id)
if query_filter is not None:
query = query.filter(query_filter)
return query