Add requirement for APIImpact flag

Adds a requirement for an APIImpact flag in
the commit message for a proposed spec if it proposes
changes to the Neutron REST API. This will make it
much easier for people such as the API WG who want to
review API changes across OpenStack to find and
review proposed API changes.

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Chris Yeoh 8 years ago
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Introduction paragraph -- why are we doing anything? A single paragraph of
prose that **operators, deployers, and developers** can understand.
If your specification proposes any changes to the Neutron REST API such
as changing parameters which can be returned or accepted, or even
the semantics of what happens when a client calls into the API, then
you should add the APIImpact flag to the commit message. Specifications with
the APIImpact flag can be found with the following query::,n,z
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