Merge "Check if process' cmdline is "space separarated"" into stable/rocky

Zuul 4 years ago committed by Gerrit Code Review
commit 10de9ff017
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@ -314,7 +314,20 @@ def get_cmdline_from_pid(pid):
if not process_is_running(pid):
return []
with open('/proc/%s/cmdline' % pid, 'r') as f:
return f.readline().split('\0')[:-1]
cmdline = f.readline()
cmdline_args = cmdline.split('\0')[:-1]
# NOTE(slaweq): sometimes it may happen that values in
# /proc/{pid}/cmdline are separated by space instead of NUL char,
# in such case we would have everything in one element of cmdline_args
# list and it would not match to expected cmd so we need to try to
# split it by spaces
if len(cmdline_args) == 1:
cmdline_args = cmdline_args[0].split(' ')
LOG.debug("Found cmdline %s for rocess with PID %s.",
cmdline_args, pid)
return cmdline_args
def cmd_matches_expected(cmd, expected_cmd):

@ -27,6 +27,7 @@ from neutron.agent.linux import utils
from neutron.common import exceptions as n_exc
from neutron.tests import base
from neutron.tests.common import helpers
from neutron.tests import tools
_marker = object()
@ -294,6 +295,43 @@ class TestKillProcess(base.BaseTestCase):
self._test_kill_process('1', kill_signal=signal.SIGTERM)
class TestGetCmdlineFromPid(base.BaseTestCase):
def setUp(self):
super(TestGetCmdlineFromPid, self).setUp() = 34
self.process_is_running_mock = mock.patch.object(
utils, "process_is_running").start()
def _test_cmdline(self, process, expected_cmd):
self.process_is_running_mock.return_value = True
mock_open = self.useFixture(
tools.OpenFixture('/proc/%s/cmdline' %, process)
cmdline = utils.get_cmdline_from_pid(
mock_open.assert_called_once_with('/proc/%s/cmdline' %, 'r')
self.assertEqual(expected_cmd, cmdline)
def test_cmdline_separated_with_null_char(self):
process_cmd = "python3\0test-binary\0test option\0"
expected_cmdline = ["python3", "test-binary", "test option"]
self._test_cmdline(process_cmd, expected_cmdline)
def test_cmdline_separated_with_space_char(self):
process_cmd = "python3 test-binary test option\0"
expected_cmdline = ["python3", "test-binary", "test", "option"]
self._test_cmdline(process_cmd, expected_cmdline)
def test_no_process_running(self):
self.process_is_running_mock.return_value = False
mock_open = self.useFixture(
tools.OpenFixture('/proc/%s/cmdline' %
cmdline = utils.get_cmdline_from_pid(
self.assertEqual([], cmdline)
class TestFindChildPids(base.BaseTestCase):
def test_returns_empty_list_for_exit_code_1(self):