Add rootwrap filters to kill state change monitor

When deleting HA routers, the keepalived state change monitor has to be
deleted. This patch adds rootwrap filters to allow deleting the state
change monitor.

Change-Id: Icfb208d9b51eaa41cf01af81f1ede7420a19cc93
Partial-Bug: #1795870
Partial-Bug: #1789434
Miguel Lavalle 2019-02-13 12:29:36 -06:00
parent 03d0e43c32
commit 25c432a05a
1 changed files with 12 additions and 1 deletions

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@ -51,10 +51,21 @@ ip6tables-restore: CommandFilter, ip6tables-restore, root
# Keepalived
keepalived: CommandFilter, keepalived, root
kill_keepalived: KillFilter, root, /usr/sbin/keepalived, -HUP, -15, -9
kill_keepalived: KillFilter, root, keepalived, -HUP, -15, -9
# l3 agent to delete floatingip's conntrack state
conntrack: CommandFilter, conntrack, root
# keepalived state change monitor
keepalived_state_change: CommandFilter, neutron-keepalived-state-change, root
# The following filters are used to kill the keepalived state change monitor.
# Since the monitor runs as a Python script, the system reports that the
# command of the process to be killed is python.
# TODO(mlavalle) These kill filters will be updated once we come up with a
# mechanism to kill using the name of the script being executed by Python
kill_keepalived_monitor_py: KillFilter, root, python, -15
kill_keepalived_monitor_py27: KillFilter, root, python2.7, -15
kill_keepalived_monitor_py3: KillFilter, root, python3, -15
kill_keepalived_monitor_py35: KillFilter, root, python3.5, -15
kill_keepalived_monitor_py36: KillFilter, root, python3.6, -15
kill_keepalived_monitor_py37: KillFilter, root, python3.7, -15