Fix errors in PrefixDelegation.remove_stale_ri_ifname

Firstly fix a typo (iteriterms -> iteritems) introduced by [1]. Then a
"dictionary changed size during iteration" RuntimeError is reported by
the newly added unit test.

[1] I17df98128c7a88e72e31251687f30f569df6b860.


Change-Id: I70c548eab2264b3f94ba1a215f933046345411a7
Signed-off-by: Hunt Xu <>
This commit is contained in:
Hunt Xu 2017-04-23 20:25:18 +08:00 committed by Ihar Hrachyshka
parent 984ab8c87a
commit 29edea0588
2 changed files with 26 additions and 2 deletions

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@ -191,10 +191,14 @@ class PrefixDelegation(object):
def remove_stale_ri_ifname(self, router_id, stale_ifname):
router = self.routers.get(router_id)
if router is not None:
for subnet_id, pd_info in six.iteriterms(router['subnets']):
subnet_to_delete = None
for subnet_id, pd_info in six.iteritems(router['subnets']):
if pd_info.ri_ifname == stale_ifname:
self._delete_pd(router, pd_info)
del router['subnets'][subnet_id]
subnet_to_delete = subnet_id
if subnet_to_delete:
del router['subnets'][subnet_to_delete]
def _get_lla(mac):

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@ -93,3 +93,23 @@ class TestPrefixDelegation(tests_base.DietTestCase):
with mock.patch.object(pd.LOG, 'exception') as log:
pd.update_router(None, None, l3_agent, router=router)
def test_remove_stale_ri_ifname(self):
pd_info_1 = mock.Mock()
pd_info_1.ri_ifname = 'STALE'
pd_info_2 = mock.Mock()
pd_info_2.ri_ifname = 'NOT_STALE'
router = {
'subnets': {
'FAKE_SUBNET_ID1': pd_info_1,
'FAKE_SUBNET_ID2': pd_info_2}}
class FakePD(pd.PrefixDelegation):
def __init__(self, router):
self.routers = {'FAKE_ROUTER_ID': router}
fake_pd = FakePD(router)
fake_pd._delete_pd = mock.Mock()
fake_pd.remove_stale_ri_ifname('FAKE_ROUTER_ID', 'STALE')
fake_pd._delete_pd.assert_called_with(router, pd_info_1)
self.assertEqual(len(router['subnets'].keys()), 1)