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@ -201,6 +201,23 @@ primary node. See the :doc:`/ovn/faq/index` for more information.
The default for ``max_header_size``, ``30``, is too low for OVN.
OVN requires at least ``38``.
* Optionally, enable support for VXLAN type networks. Because of limited
space in VXLAN VNI to pass over the needed information that requires
OVN to identify a packet, the header size to contain the segmentation ID
is reduced to 12 bits, that allows a maximum number of 4096 networks.
The same limitation applies to the number of ports in each network, that
are also identified with a 12 bits header chunk, limiting their number
to 4096 ports. Please check [1]_ for more information.
.. code-block:: ini
type_drivers = geneve,vxlan
vni_ranges = 1001:1100
* Optionally, enable support for VLAN provider and self-service
networks on one or more physical networks. If you specify only
the physical network, only administrative (privileged) users can
@ -354,3 +371,8 @@ Verify operation
# ovn-sbctl show
.. [1]