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Merge "Add common system and project policy check strings to constants"

Zuul 2 years ago committed by Gerrit Code Review
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RULE_ADMIN_OR_PARENT_OWNER = 'rule:admin_or_ext_parent_owner'
# Generic policy check string for system administrators. These are the people
# who need the highest level of authorization to operate the deployment.
# They're allowed to create, read, update, or delete any system-specific
# resource. They can also operate on project-specific resources where
# applicable (e.g., removing networks or routers)
SYSTEM_ADMIN = 'role:admin and system_scope:all'
# Generic policy check string for system users who don't require all the
# authorization that system administrators typically have. This persona, or
# check string, typically isn't used by default, but it's existence it useful
# in the event a deployment wants to offload some administrative action from
# system administrator to system members
SYSTEM_MEMBER = 'role:member and system_scope:all'
# Generic policy check string for read-only access to system-level resources.
# This persona is useful for someone who needs access for auditing or even
# support. These users are also able to view project-specific resources where
# applicable (e.g., listing all networks in the deployment, regardless of the
# project they belong to).
SYSTEM_READER = 'role:reader and system_scope:all'
# This check string is reserved for actions that require the highest level of
# authorization on a project or resources within the project (e.g., setting the
# creating QoS policies)
PROJECT_ADMIN = 'role:admin and project_id:%(project_id)s'
# This check string is the primary use case for typical end-users, who are
# working with resources that belong to a project (e.g., creating ports and
# routers).
PROJECT_MEMBER = 'role:member and project_id:%(project_id)s'
# This check string should only be used to protect read-only project-specific
# resources. It should not be used to protect APIs that make writable changes
# (e.g., updating a router or deleting a port).
PROJECT_READER = 'role:reader and project_id:%(project_id)s'
# The following are common composite check strings that are useful for
# protecting APIs designed to operate with multiple scopes (e.g., a system
# administrator should be able to delete any router in the deployment, a
# project member should only be able to delete routers in their project).
'(' + SYSTEM_ADMIN + ') or (' + PROJECT_MEMBER + ')')
'(' + SYSTEM_READER + ') or (' + PROJECT_READER + ')')
rules = [