Validate that snat namespace exits in _create_dvr_gateway

During rescheduling dvr router snat namespace may not be
created due to race between router added and router
updated updated notifications.

Verify that snat namespace exits or create one.

Partial-bug: 1881995

Change-Id: Ic28ce249d59264b0b882bd1cc3c9fb55854a6a47
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Ann Taraday 2020-06-08 16:45:05 +04:00
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commit 3754bba806
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@ -162,6 +162,13 @@ class DvrEdgeRouter(dvr_local_router.DvrLocalRouter):
def _create_dvr_gateway(self, ex_gw_port, gw_interface_name):
# connect snat_ports to br_int from SNAT namespace
# NOTE(ataraday): Check if snat namespace exists, create if not -
# workaround for race between router_added and router_updated
# notifications
if not self.snat_namespace.exists():
for port in self.get_snat_interfaces():
self._external_gateway_added(ex_gw_port, gw_interface_name,