functional: Fix reference to ovsdb connection

Change I379448fd135a3bb2ac99709812b9f476c73923a7 replaced connection
attribute of IDL to ovsdb_connection. After updating upper constraints
to newer ovsdbapp version, we no longer have connection attribute.

Change-Id: I6f060fff4df7323a3877f56cb1fa586a22d16670
Closes-bug: #1712594
Jakub Libosvar 2017-08-23 14:44:16 +00:00
parent 4bf5b9d5da
commit 594d8b8b3a
1 changed files with 1 additions and 1 deletions

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@ -73,5 +73,5 @@ class ImplIdlTestCase(base.BaseSudoTestCase):
def test_post_commit_vswitchd_incomplete_timeout(self, *args):
# Due to timing issues we may rarely hit the global timeout, which
# raises RuntimeError to match the vsctl implementation
self.ovs.ovsdb.connection.timeout = 3
self.ovs.ovsdb.ovsdb_connection.timeout = 3
self.assertRaises((exc.TimeoutException, RuntimeError), self._add_br)