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Do not assume order of quotas dictionary elements

This fixes the quotas db unit test that breaks with a randomized PYTHONHASHSEED
(see the bug report).

The test assumed that the quotas dictionary from plugin.get_all_quotas() had
elements in a particular order. Found with PYTHONHASHSEED=1235130571.

The fix refactors the test case to handle an unsorted quotas dictionary. Also
choose some different quota limits to make it clearer what is being verified.

Partial-bug: #1348818

Note: There are several other unrelated unit tests that also break with a
randomized PYTHONHASHSEED, but they are not addressed here. They will be
addressed in separate patches.

Change-Id: I3892b51082629e6ebce175f64f501717741baa37
Henry Gessau 8 years ago
  1. 35


@ -78,24 +78,31 @@ class TestDbQuotaDriver(base.BaseTestCase):
resource_1 = 'res_test_1'
resource_2 = 'res_test_2'
resources = {resource_1: TestResource(resource_1, 1),
resource_2: TestResource(resource_2, 1)}
resources = {resource_1: TestResource(resource_1, 3),
resource_2: TestResource(resource_2, 5)}
self.plugin.update_quota_limit(self.context, project_1, resource_1, 2)
self.plugin.update_quota_limit(self.context, project_2, resource_2, 2)
self.plugin.update_quota_limit(self.context, project_1, resource_1, 7)
self.plugin.update_quota_limit(self.context, project_2, resource_2, 9)
quotas = self.plugin.get_all_quotas(self.context, resources)
# Expect two tenants' quotas
self.assertEqual(2, len(quotas))
self.assertEqual(3, len(quotas[0]))
self.assertEqual(project_1, quotas[0]['tenant_id'])
self.assertEqual(2, quotas[0][resource_1])
self.assertEqual(1, quotas[0][resource_2])
self.assertEqual(3, len(quotas[1]))
self.assertEqual(project_2, quotas[1]['tenant_id'])
self.assertEqual(1, quotas[1][resource_1])
self.assertEqual(2, quotas[1][resource_2])
# But not quotas for the same tenant twice
self.assertNotEqual(quotas[0]['tenant_id'], quotas[1]['tenant_id'])
# Check the expected limits. The quotas can be in any order.
for quota in quotas:
self.assertEqual(3, len(quota))
project = quota['tenant_id']
self.assertIn(project, (project_1, project_2))
if project == project_1:
expected_limit_r1 = 7
expected_limit_r2 = 5
if project == project_2:
expected_limit_r1 = 3
expected_limit_r2 = 9
self.assertEqual(expected_limit_r1, quota[resource_1])
self.assertEqual(expected_limit_r2, quota[resource_2])
def test_limit_check(self):
resources = {RESOURCE: TestResource(RESOURCE, 2)}