OVS agent: always send start flag during initial sync

In order to avoid inaccurate agent_boot_time setting,
this patch suggests to consider agent as "started" only
after completion of initial sync with server.

Change-Id: Icba05288889219e8a606c3809efd88b2c234bef3
Closes-Bug: #1799178
(cherry picked from commit 8f20963c5b)
Oleg Bondarev 2019-02-04 14:58:27 +04:00 committed by Swaminathan Vasudevan
parent 004caf773a
commit 6b9d8bf308
2 changed files with 9 additions and 3 deletions

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@ -329,11 +329,16 @@ class OVSNeutronAgent(l2population_rpc.L2populationRpcCallBackTunnelMixin,
self.fullsync = True
# we only want to update resource versions on startup
self.agent_state.pop('resource_versions', None)
if self.agent_state.pop('start_flag', None) and self.iter_num == 0:
if self.agent_state.pop('resource_versions', None):
# On initial start, we notify systemd after initialization
# is complete.
if self.iter_num > 0:
# agent is considered started after
# initial sync with server (iter 0) is done
self.agent_state.pop('start_flag', None)
except Exception:
LOG.exception("Failed reporting state!")

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@ -1137,7 +1137,8 @@ class TestOvsNeutronAgent(object):
self.agent.agent_state, True)
self.assertNotIn("start_flag", self.agent.agent_state)
# agent keeps sending "start_flag" while iter 0 not completed
self.assertIn("start_flag", self.agent.agent_state)