Restore ability to run functional tests with

Change f20b1d42 which split the running of functional tests from
the running of unit tests caused running:
  ./ neutron.tests.functional
to fail as the OS_TEST_PATH variable will be defaulted to
neutron.tests.unit which means that the functional tests will not
be discovered in the above case.

This patch trys to detect an argument passed in the form of a
neutron.tests string and correctly sets the OS_TEST_PATH variable
based on it.

Change-Id: I8ccdc7f10d3c8478281aeaf8d02175d0eeb8d6e9
Terry Wilson 2014-04-16 16:23:40 -04:00
parent f89d3fec9b
commit 7355521a50
1 changed files with 6 additions and 0 deletions

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@ -130,6 +130,12 @@ function run_tests {
set +e
testrargs=`echo "$testrargs" | sed -e's/^\s*\(.*\)\s*$/\1/'`
TESTRTESTS="$TESTRTESTS --testr-args='--subunit $testropts $testrargs'"
OS_TEST_PATH=`echo $testrargs|grep -o 'neutron\.tests[^[:space:]:]*\+'|tr . /`
if [ -d "$OS_TEST_PATH" ]; then
wrapper="OS_TEST_PATH=$OS_TEST_PATH $wrapper"
elif [ -d "$(dirname $OS_TEST_PATH)" ]; then
wrapper="OS_TEST_PATH=$(dirname $OS_TEST_PATH) $wrapper"
echo "Running \`${wrapper} $TESTRTESTS\`"
bash -c "${wrapper} $TESTRTESTS | ${wrapper} subunit2pyunit"