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Testing Quantum
There are two types of tests in quantum: functional and unit. Their
respective directories are located in the tests/ directory.
The functional tests are intended to be used when the service is running.
Their goal is to make sure the service is working end to end and also to
test any plugin for conformance and functionality. Also note that the
functional tests expect quantum to be running on the local machine. If it
isn't you will have to change the tests to point to your quuntum instance.
The unit tests can be run without the service running. They are designed
to test the various pieces of the quantum tree to make sure any new
changes don't break existing functionality.
Running tests
All tests can be run via the script, which will allow you to
run them in the standard environment or create a virtual environment to
run them in. All of the functional tests will fail if the service isn't
running. One current TODO item is to be able to specify whether you want
to run the functional or unit tests via
After running all of the tests, will report any pep8 errors
found in the tree.
Adding more tests
Quantum is a pretty new code base at this point and there is plenty of
areas that need tests. The current blueprint and branch for adding tests
is located at:
Also, there is a wiki page tracking the status of the test effort:
Development process
It is expected that any new changes that are proposed for merge come with
unit tests for that feature or code area. Ideally any bugs fixes that are
submitted also have unit tests to prove that they stay fixed! :) In
addition, before proposing for merge, all of the current unit tests should
be passing.