Improve message for subnet gateway out of host IP addresses range

Following the discussions on #2004004, we notice that there is an error
message in the Neutron code that is misleading.

This patch intends to improve the exception message, and provide a
little bit of documentation regarding the gateway IP address
validation for subnets.

Related-bug: #2004004

Change-Id: Ibf09254b5b2fee6efd3de5e5dc6f013424831db9
Rafael Weingärtner 2 months ago
parent e6eeb700c8
commit 83da1e6d79

@ -113,14 +113,23 @@ class SubnetRequest(object, metaclass=abc.ABCMeta):
def _validate_gateway_ip_in_subnet(subnet_cidr, gateway_ip):
"""Validates if the Gateway IP is in subnet CIDR if needed
If the Gateway (GW) IP address is in the subnet CIDR, we need to make
sure that the user has not used the IPs reserved to represent the
network or the broadcast domain.
If the Gateway is not in the subnet CIDR, we do not validate it.
Therefore, for such cases, it is assumed that its access is on link.
if not gateway_ip:
if ipam_utils.check_gateway_invalid_in_subnet(subnet_cidr, gateway_ip):
raise ipam_exc.IpamValueInvalid(_(
'Gateway IP %(gateway_ip)s cannot be allocated in CIDR '
'%(subnet_cidr)s' % {'gateway_ip': gateway_ip,
'subnet_cidr': subnet_cidr}))
'Gateway IP %(gateway_ip)s cannot be the network or broadcast '
'IP address %(subnet_cidr)s' % {'gateway_ip': gateway_ip,
'subnet_cidr': subnet_cidr}))
class AnySubnetRequest(SubnetRequest):