Allow fullstack to operate on dhclient-script for OpenSUSE

This script's permissions by default limits access to root, but
that is not consistent to other platforms. Tweaking the permissions
is the easiest/least impactful fix imaginable.

Change-Id: Icfad974cb0c9f896b05003ea0f89693528eaeb80
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Armando Migliaccio 2017-09-19 15:50:57 -04:00
parent e40ba77269
commit 966f405551
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@ -235,6 +235,10 @@ function _install_post_devstack {
install_package nmap-ncat
elif is_suse; then
install_package dhcp-client
# NOTE(armax): no harm in allowing 'other' to read and
# execute the script. This is required in fullstack
# testing and avoids quite a bit of rootwrap pain
sudo chmod o+rx /sbin/dhclient-script
install_package ncat
exit_distro_not_supported "installing dhclient and ncat packages"