Merge "Prepare trunk rules module to deal with the Ironic use case"

Jenkins 2017-03-14 00:00:55 +00:00 committed by Gerrit Code Review
commit 9b4e22bd64
1 changed files with 24 additions and 12 deletions

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@ -162,6 +162,7 @@ class SubPortsValidator(object):
msg = validators.validate_subports(self.subports)
if msg:
raise n_exc.InvalidInput(error_message=msg)
if trunk_validation:
trunk_port_mtu = self._get_port_mtu(context, self.trunk_port_id)
return [self._validate(context, s, trunk_port_mtu)
@ -182,7 +183,8 @@ class SubPortsValidator(object):
port = core_plugin.get_port(context, port_id)
net = core_plugin.get_network(context, port['network_id'])
return core_plugin.get_network(
context, port['network_id'])[api.MTU]
except (n_exc.PortNotFound, n_exc.NetworkNotFound):
# A concurrent request might have made the port or network
# disappear; though during DB insertion, the subport request
@ -190,15 +192,11 @@ class SubPortsValidator(object):
# a None MTU here.
return net[api.MTU]
def _validate(self, context, subport, trunk_port_mtu):
# Check that the subport doesn't reference the same port_id as a
# trunk we may be in the middle of trying to create, in other words
# make the validation idiot proof.
def _raise_subport_is_parent_port(self, context, subport):
if subport['port_id'] == self.trunk_port_id:
raise trunk_exc.ParentPortInUse(port_id=subport['port_id'])
def _raise_subport_invalid_mtu(self, context, subport, trunk_port_mtu):
# Check MTU sanity - subport MTU must not exceed trunk MTU.
# If for whatever reason trunk_port_mtu is not available,
# the MTU sanity check cannot be enforced.
@ -212,14 +210,12 @@ class SubPortsValidator(object):
# If the segmentation details are missing, we will need to
# figure out defaults when the time comes to support Ironic.
# We can reasonably expect segmentation details to be provided
# in all other cases for now.
def _raise_if_segmentation_details_missing(self, subport):
segmentation_type = subport["segmentation_type"]
segmentation_id = (
return (segmentation_type, segmentation_id)
except KeyError:
msg = _("Invalid subport details '%s': missing segmentation "
"information. Must specify both segmentation_id and "
@ -230,6 +226,9 @@ class SubPortsValidator(object):
"not an integer") % subport["segmentation_id"]
raise n_exc.InvalidInput(error_message=msg)
def _raise_if_segmentation_details_invalid(self,
if segmentation_type not in self._segmentation_types:
msg = _("Unknown segmentation_type '%s'") % segmentation_type
raise n_exc.InvalidInput(error_message=msg)
@ -238,7 +237,20 @@ class SubPortsValidator(object):
msg = _("Segmentation ID '%s' is not in range") % segmentation_id
raise n_exc.InvalidInput(error_message=msg)
# Check if the subport is already participating in an active trunk
def _raise_if_subport_is_used_in_other_trunk(self, context, subport):
trunk_validator = TrunkPortValidator(subport['port_id'])
trunk_validator.validate(context, parent_port=False)
def _validate(self, context, subport, trunk_port_mtu):
self._raise_subport_is_parent_port(context, subport)
self._raise_subport_invalid_mtu(context, subport, trunk_port_mtu)
segmentation_type, segmentation_id = (
segmentation_type, segmentation_id)
self._raise_if_subport_is_used_in_other_trunk(context, subport)
return subport