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@@ -24,13 +24,6 @@
Contributing new extensions to Neutron

.. note:: **Third-party plugins/drivers which do not start decomposition in
Liberty will be marked as deprecated and removed before the Mitaka-3

Read on for details ...


@@ -332,28 +325,6 @@ be the bare minimum you have to complete in order to get you off the ground.
Integrating with the Neutron system

(This section currently describes the goals and progress of the completion of
the decomposition work during the Liberty development cycle. The content here
will be updated as the work progresses. In its final form this section will be
merged with the previous section. When all existing plugins/drivers are fully
decomposed, this document will be a recipe for how to add a new Neutron plugin
or driver completely out-of-tree.)

For the Liberty cycle we aim to move all the existing third-party code out of
the Neutron tree. Each category of code and its removal plan is described

Existing Shims

Liberty Steps

The existing shims shall now be moved out of tree, together with any test
code. The entry points shall be moved as described below in `Entry Points`_.

Configuration Files

@@ -381,14 +352,6 @@ It is advised that subprojects do not keep their configuration files in their
respective trees and instead generate them using a similar approach as Neutron

Liberty Steps

Third-party configuration files still in the neutron tree have no dependencies
and can simply be moved. The maintainers should add their configuration file(s)
to their repo and then remove them from neutron.

**ToDo: Inclusion in OpenStack documentation?**
Is there a recommended way to have third-party config options listed in the
configuration guide in
@@ -402,11 +365,12 @@ these tables are in the Neutron database, they are independently managed
entirely within the third-party code. Third-party code shall **never** modify
neutron core tables in any way.

Each repo has its own alembic migration branch that adds, removes and modifies
its own tables in the neutron database schema.
Each repo has its own *expand* and *contract* `alembic migration branches
<alembic_migrations.html#migration-branches>`_. A third-party repo's alembic
migration branches may operate only on tables that are owned by the repo.

* Note: Care should be taken when adding new tables. To prevent collision of
table names it is recommended to prefix them with a vendor/plugin string.
table names it is **required** to prefix them with a vendor/plugin string.

* Note: A third-party maintainer may opt to use a separate database for their
tables. This may complicate cases where there are foreign key constraints
@@ -442,22 +406,6 @@ directory as an entrypoint in the ``neutron.db.alembic_migrations`` group::
neutron.db.alembic_migrations =
networking-foo = networking_foo.db.migration:alembic_migrations

Liberty Steps

Each decomposed plugin/driver that has its own tables in the neutron database
should take these steps to move the models for the tables out of tree.

#. Add the models to the external repo.
#. Create a start migration for the repo's alembic branch. Note: it is
recommended to keep the migration file(s) in the same location in the
third-party repo as is done in the neutron repo,
i.e. ``networking_foo/db/migration/alembic_migrations/versions/*.py``
#. Remove the models from the neutron repo.
#. Add the names of the removed tables to ``REPO_FOO_TABLES`` in
``neutron/db/migration/alembic_migrations/`` (this is used for
testing, see below).

**ToDo: neutron-db-manage autogenerate**
The alembic autogenerate command needs to support branches in external
repos. Bug #1471333 has been filed for this.
@@ -472,14 +420,6 @@ maintainers can use to develop tests for model-vs-migration sync in their
repos. It is recommended that each third-party CI sets up such a test, and runs
it regularly against Neutron master.

Liberty Steps

The model_sync test will be updated to ignore the models that have been moved
out of tree. ``REPO_FOO_TABLES`` lists will be maintained in

Entry Points

@@ -605,9 +545,3 @@ Other repo-split items
driver for Neutron. Possibly something for the networking guide, and/or a
template that plugin/driver maintainers can modify and include with their

Decomposition Phase II Progress Chart