Use oslo_db.sqlalchemy.test_fixtures

The change in Ic5ce4a8555be4f80df69173ceefc03b73af65793
makes use of oslo_db.tests.*, which was not the intent of the
deprecations added to oslo_db in
I0163e637ffef6d45d2573ebe29b5438911d01fce.   Make use of the
newer fixtures in oslo_db.sqlalchemy.test_fixtures which is
what was intended to supersede oslo_db.sqlalchemy.test_base.

Change-Id: Iccea93e94e57992f2143b879baa206c87ecf2e6d
Mike Bayer 5 years ago
parent 0643b3c22e
commit b4471dbc49

@ -16,9 +16,11 @@ import netaddr
from neutron_lib import context
from neutron_lib.utils import net
from oslo_db import exception
from oslo_db.tests.sqlalchemy import base as test_base
from oslo_db.sqlalchemy import enginefacade
from oslo_db.sqlalchemy import test_fixtures
from oslo_utils import timeutils
from oslo_utils import uuidutils
from oslotest import base as test_base
import six
import sqlalchemy as sa
@ -27,9 +29,11 @@ from neutron.tests import tools
class SqlAlchemyTypesBaseTestCase(test_base.DbTestCase):
class SqlAlchemyTypesBaseTestCase(test_fixtures.OpportunisticDBTestMixin,
def setUp(self):
super(SqlAlchemyTypesBaseTestCase, self).setUp()
self.engine = enginefacade.writer.get_engine()
meta = sa.MetaData(bind=self.engine)
self.test_table = self._get_test_table(meta)