Docs: Fix wrong stestr argument

Since ec537c49e9 switched stestr,
regex argument will no longer support, this patch update
the test docs.

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@ -597,9 +597,9 @@ For example, the following would run only a single test or test case::
$ tox -e py27 neutron.tests.unit.test_manager.NeutronManagerTestCase
$ tox -e py27 neutron.tests.unit.test_manager.NeutronManagerTestCase.test_service_plugin_is_loaded
If you want to pass other arguments to ostestr, you can do the following::
If you want to pass other arguments to stestr, you can do the following::
$ tox -e py27 -- --regex neutron.tests.unit.test_manager --serial
$ tox -e py27 -- neutron.tests.unit.test_manager --serial