After bulk create send DHCP notification

In the past send_dhcp_notification only handle single resource
because of VALID_RESOURCES = ['network', 'subnet', 'port'].
When I use bulk created ports to boot instance, the VMs could
not get IP address from DHCP agent. So I add some special handle
in function notify().

Add unit test for bulk create dhcp notification.

Modify a paramter for code style.

Change-Id: Ibf2b3380dc3081beaf0f2f68042b022f2726bbe7
Closes-Bug: #1247902
liudong 2013-11-05 01:14:50 +08:00 committed by liudong
parent a3e7e26054
commit bb2c4ef9a2
3 changed files with 64 additions and 7 deletions

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@ -128,9 +128,9 @@ class DhcpAgentNotifyAPI(proxy.RpcProxy):
{'admin_state_up': admin_state_up},
def notify(self, context, data, methodname):
def notify(self, context, data, method_name):
# data is {'key' : 'value'} with only one key
if methodname not in self.VALID_METHOD_NAMES:
if method_name not in self.VALID_METHOD_NAMES:
obj_type = data.keys()[0]
if obj_type not in self.VALID_RESOURCES:
@ -143,11 +143,11 @@ class DhcpAgentNotifyAPI(proxy.RpcProxy):
network_id = obj_value['network_id']
if not network_id:
methodname = methodname.replace(".", "_")
if methodname.endswith("_delete_end"):
method_name = method_name.replace(".", "_")
if method_name.endswith("_delete_end"):
if 'id' in obj_value:
self._notification(context, methodname,
self._notification(context, method_name,
{obj_type + '_id': obj_value['id']},
self._notification(context, methodname, data, network_id)
self._notification(context, method_name, data, network_id)

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@ -271,7 +271,12 @@ class Controller(object):
def _send_dhcp_notification(self, context, data, methodname):
if cfg.CONF.dhcp_agent_notification:
self._dhcp_agent_notifier.notify(context, data, methodname)
if self._collection in data:
for body in data[self._collection]:
item = {self._resource: body}
self._dhcp_agent_notifier.notify(context, item, methodname)
self._dhcp_agent_notifier.notify(context, data, methodname)
def index(self, request, **kwargs):
"""Returns a list of the requested entity."""

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@ -26,6 +26,7 @@ import webtest
from neutron.api import api_common
from neutron.api.extensions import PluginAwareExtensionManager
from neutron.api.rpc.agentnotifiers import dhcp_rpc_agent_api
from neutron.api.v2 import attributes
from neutron.api.v2 import base as v2_base
from neutron.api.v2 import router
@ -1305,6 +1306,57 @@ class NotificationTest(APIv2TestBase):
class DHCPNotificationTest(APIv2TestBase):
def _test_dhcp_notifier(self, opname, resource, initial_input=None):
instance = self.plugin.return_value
instance.get_networks.return_value = initial_input
instance.get_networks_count.return_value = 0
expected_code = exc.HTTPCreated.code
with mock.patch.object(dhcp_rpc_agent_api.DhcpAgentNotifyAPI,
'notify') as dhcp_notifier:
if opname == 'create':
res = self.api.post_json(
if opname == 'update':
res = self.api.put_json(
_get_path('networks', id=_uuid()),
expected_code = exc.HTTPOk.code
if opname == 'delete':
res = self.api.delete(_get_path('networks', id=_uuid()))
expected_code = exc.HTTPNoContent.code
expected_item =, mock.ANY,
resource + "." + opname + ".end")
if initial_input and resource not in initial_input:
resource += 's'
num = len(initial_input[resource]) if initial_input and isinstance(
initial_input[resource], list) else 1
expected = [expected_item for x in xrange(num)]
self.assertEqual(expected, dhcp_notifier.call_args_list)
self.assertEqual(num, dhcp_notifier.call_count)
self.assertEqual(expected_code, res.status_int)
def test_network_create_dhcp_notifer(self):
input = {'network': {'name': 'net',
'tenant_id': _uuid()}}
self._test_dhcp_notifier('create', 'network', input)
def test_network_delete_dhcp_notifer(self):
self._test_dhcp_notifier('delete', 'network')
def test_network_update_dhcp_notifer(self):
input = {'network': {'name': 'net'}}
self._test_dhcp_notifier('update', 'network', input)
def test_networks_create_bulk_dhcp_notifer(self):
input = {'networks': [{'name': 'net1',
'tenant_id': _uuid()},
{'name': 'net2',
'tenant_id': _uuid()}]}
self._test_dhcp_notifier('create', 'network', input)
class QuotaTest(APIv2TestBase):
def test_create_network_quota(self):
cfg.CONF.set_override('quota_network', 1, group='QUOTAS')