[Doc] L3 router gateway IP rate limit

Adds L3 router gateway IP QoS config guide for users.

Partially-Implements blueprint: router-gateway-ip-qos
Closes-Bug: #1757044

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LIU Yulong 4 years ago
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@ -163,6 +163,28 @@ On the network and compute nodes:
extensions = fip_qos
#. Optionally, in order to enable QoS for router gateway IPs, set the
``extensions`` option in the ``[agent]`` section of
``/etc/neutron/l3_agent.ini`` to include ``gateway_ip_qos``. Set this
to all the ``dvr_snat`` or ``legacy`` L3 agents. For example:
.. code-block:: ini
extensions = gateway_ip_qos
And ``gateway_ip_qos`` should work together with the ``fip_qos`` in L3
agent for centralized routers, then all L3 IPs with binding QoS policy
can be limited under the QoS bandwidth limit rules:
.. code-block:: ini
extensions = fip_qos, gateway_ip_qos
#. As rate limit doesn't work on Open vSwitch's ``internal`` ports,
optionally, as a workaround, to make QoS bandwidth limit work on
router's gateway ports, set ``ovs_use_veth`` to ``True`` in ``DEFAULT``