Group execution of SQL functional tests

Functional SQL tests (MySQL and PostgreSQL) use the DB installed
backend. To avoid overloading the DB engine, the test cases are
grouped [1] together and executed by the same worker process. That
will ensure those tests are not executed in parallel, interfering
each other.

Classes that are grouped:
- TestModelsMigrationsMysql
- TestModelsMigrationsPsql


Related-Bug: #1687027

Change-Id: If04e360c01cdb16e956d16357e2181db55445137
(cherry picked from commit 7326fd622f)
Rodolfo Alonso Hernandez 2 years ago
parent 3d0eb12606
commit c5d24b4b44

@ -62,7 +62,7 @@ deps =
commands =
{toxinidir}/tools/ {toxinidir} {envdir}/etc {envdir}/bin
stestr run {posargs}
stestr run --group_regex=neutron\.tests\.functional\.db\.test_migrations\.(TestModelsMigrationsPsql|TestModelsMigrationsMysql) {posargs}
setenv = {[testenv]setenv}