98 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Boden R 9bbe9911c4 remove neutron.common.constants 2 months ago
  Boden R 97376032b4 use EXT_PARENT_RESOURCE_MAPPING from neutron-lib 2 months ago
  Brian Haley eaf990b2bc Fix pep8 E128 warnings in non-test code 3 months ago
  Boden R 024802aafd remove neutron.common.rpc 4 months ago
  Boden R 68fd13af40 remove neutron.common.exceptions 4 months ago
  Boden R e4aa5902f7 use context manager from neutron-lib 7 months ago
  ZhaoBo 35d945e92f Add ext_parent policy check 10 months ago
  Hongbin Lu 2b1d8ea4a2 Implement filter validation 1 year ago
  Boden R e4348eb1e1 use retry_db_errors from neutron-lib 1 year ago
  Hongbin Lu d950949b90 Ensure request's object type is dict 11 months ago
  Brian Haley 7cfdf4aa81 Fix all pep8 E129 errors 1 year ago
  Boden R 3f1a9846d2 use callback payloads for REQUEST/RESPONSE events 1 year ago
  Boden R 0e25b403a5 use FAULT_MAP from neutron-lib 1 year ago
  Boden R 7e0d37699f shim FAULT_MAP from neutron-lib 1 year ago
  Inessa Vasilevskaya 7322bd6efb Make code follow log translation guideline 2 years ago
  Boden R cbb0970b36 use attribute functions/operations from neutron-lib 2 years ago
  Roey Chen f5f8a75963 Mask password when logging request body 2 years ago
  Boden R 0e2b667bf1 use neutron-lib callbacks 2 years ago
  fpxie 574312165b Replace six.iteritems with dict.items(Part-2) 2 years ago
  Matthew Edmonds 2ae14cc9ad fix overaggressive 403->404 conversion 2 years ago
  Ann Kamyshnikova 9195c66cbf Use new enginefacade for quota and provisioning blocks 2 years ago
  Henry Gessau 4151486bd4 Remove REVERSED_PLURALS and get_resource_info() 2 years ago
  Gábor Antal 1628fb72f8 Improved readibility and fixed indentation 2 years ago
  Dariusz Smigiel dd5976b7ab Accept and return project_id for API calls 2 years ago
  Kevin Benton 09c87425fa Prepare retry decorator to move to plugin level 2 years ago
  Brandon Logan 6e908dd417 Pecan: Handle member actions 2 years ago
  Sławek Kapłoński 38b1b47fe7 Fix internal server error during updating QoS rule 2 years ago
  changzhi 846b83f0ff Remove unused params named "context" in filter_attributes 2 years ago
  Brandon Logan a2016a6211 Pecan: Define plugin crud methods in base class 3 years ago
  Kumar Acharya e92b68dd82 delete event payload 2 years ago
  Armando Migliaccio a4df99ff5d Move Nova notification logic out of API controller 3 years ago
  Brandon Logan 09a6a46e77 Pecan: Implement pagination 3 years ago
  Armando Migliaccio 877778ee4c Move DHCP notification logic out of API controller 3 years ago
  Brandon Logan 093bd96b9f Pecan: bind attribute map to controllers 3 years ago
  Brandon Logan cbae3e0de0 Pecan: Backwards compatible/cleaner init 3 years ago
  Kevin Benton 5109d16bc5 Make deepcopy of update body in API layer 3 years ago
  Yushiro FURUKAWA fdecc62682 Insert validation with request params for HTTP DELETE 3 years ago
  Henry Gessau 4148a347b3 Use constants from neutron-lib 3 years ago
  Henry Gessau ae5bad49cc Use exceptions from neutron-lib 3 years ago
  lzklibj 67abf5f9f0 RBAC: Fix port query and deletion for network owner 3 years ago
  Kevin Benton 2a27361cf5 Protect 'show' and 'index' with Retry decorator 3 years ago
  Kevin Benton 447f4b1461 Move notifications before DB retry decorator 3 years ago
  Akihiro Motoki 2d8632e412 Use _ from neutron._i18n 3 years ago
  Doug Wiegley dd726ed494 Move i18n to _i18n, as per oslo_i18n guidelines 3 years ago
  Salvatore Orlando 14ef151fe0 Restore reservations in API controller 3 years ago
  Salvatore Orlando a8bddee4f4 Stop using quota reservations on base controller 3 years ago
  Salvatore Orlando 574b25b857 Reservations support 4 years ago
  Isaku Yamahata f1457af336 Replace internal calls of create_{network, subnet, port} 4 years ago
  Salvatore Orlando b39e1469e8 Add plural names for quota resources 4 years ago
  Salvatore Orlando 3c584084c3 Introduce usage data tracking for Neutron 4 years ago