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Édouard Thuleau befa0b9184 Implement local ARP responder onto OVS agent
With ML2 plugin and l2-pop mechanism driver, it's possible to locally
answer to the ARP request of the VM and avoid ARP broadcasting emulation
on overlay which is costly.

When this functionality is enabled, the OVS flows logic evolves to [1].
This functionality was introduce in 2.1 OVS branch [2].

A README is added to describe l2-pop mechanism driver and the agents


DocImpact: New OVS agent flag 'arp_responder' set to false by default
Closes-Bug: #1237427
Change-Id: Ic28610faf2df6566d8d876fcd7aed333647970e2
2014-05-19 21:42:11 +02:00