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Zuul 940a1b6cea Merge "Improve "sync_ha_chassis_group" method" 8 hours ago
Zuul 167f4e4ab8 Merge "Handle no more IP addresses available during a network sync" 22 hours ago
Zuul 19472f6584 Merge "[OVN] Remove backwards compatibility with OVN < v20.09" 22 hours ago
Rodolfo Alonso Hernandez ac231c8174 Improve "sync_ha_chassis_group" method
The method "sync_ha_chassis_group" now creates (or retrieves) a
HA Chassis Group register and updates the needed HA Chassis registers
in a single transaction. That is possible using the new ovsdbapp
release 2.2.1 (check the depends-on patch).


Related-Bug: #1995078
Change-Id: I936855214c635de0e89d5d13a86562f5b282633c
6 days ago
Zuul 0360eb8e12 Merge "Revert "Delete sg rule which remote is the deleted sg"" 6 days ago
Brian Haley ebc0658d55 Revert "Delete sg rule which remote is the deleted sg"
This reverts commit 6358495720.

Reason for revert: This is generating a lot of
"SecurityGroupNotFound" errors in neutron-server.log in
the tempest-integrated-networking job.

Closes-Bug: #2019449
Related-Bug: #2008712
Change-Id: I077fe87435f61bd29d5c1efc979c2adebca26181
1 week ago
Miro Tomaska a86e300a0b Handle no more IP addresses available during a network sync
In some corner cases, like when db_sync is performed after OVS to OVN
migration, an implicit metadata port creation on a network with
depleted IP pool can raise IP allocation error. Just catch and log
this error such that the db_sync tool can finish syncing.

Change-Id: Ibb32ec5492c4fe00b9dac510f7e69160982992dd
2 weeks ago
Rodolfo Alonso Hernandez 043a8ecad9 [OVN] Use the API context in ``OVNClient._add_router_ext_gw`` method
The method `OVNClient._add_router_ext_gw`` must use the API context
passed instead of creating an admin one.

Closes-Bug: #2019132
Change-Id: If2a46f1e0c3b279dee4863e9c952f19c1e246571
3 weeks ago
Elvira García c3602ac19b [OVN] Update ovn meter when neutron server reloads
Up until now, we needed to remove all logging objects to see the
meter-band properties being changed after a server restart. Now we check
for inconsistencies between the neutron configuration and the OVN
meter-band object after a restart. The function create_ovn_fair_meter is
now located in the ovn_driver instead of the log_driver so as to be able
to call it from the maintenance task.

Closes-bug: #2017145
Signed-off-by: Elvira García <>
Change-Id: I24cef85ed68c893a740445707f88296d763c8de8
3 weeks ago
Rodolfo Alonso Hernandez be4e150de9 [OVN] Remove backwards compatibility with OVN < v20.09
This patch removes the compatibility with OVN under v20.09. That
implies the OVN Southbound definition has "Chassis_Private" table.
Any previous check is removed from the code.

This patch also adds a sanity check, testing that the OVN Southbound
database definition is greater or equal to 2.9.0 [1].

The testing OVN NB and SB schemas are updated to the files contained in
OVN v22.09. The new testing NB schema version is 6.3.9; the new testing
SB schema version is 20.25.0.


Closes-Bug: #2002839
Change-Id: If64c967b89099946165bfaf66247def4881af832
3 weeks ago
Zuul 85b3a17d60 Merge "Delete sg rule which remote is the deleted sg" 4 weeks ago
Frode Nordahl 7a59cf0eb9
Correct planned removal for maintenance function
During review of change 877712 [0] it was brought up that
planned removal should happen B+3 and not A+3, fix.


Signed-off-by: Frode Nordahl <>
Change-Id: Ib3936b9ff619764ada9a10f29b546aa31872f6d7
1 month ago
Zuul 2b16e9c579 Merge "Add support for localnet_learn_fdb OVN option" 1 month ago
Zuul c81dd07676 Merge "[OVN] Adding support for VNIC type virtio-forwarder." 1 month ago
Zuul a8fd9465b5 Merge "[ovn] OVNClient._get_router_ports: Drop unused parameter" 1 month ago
Zuul 5717202c66 Merge "[ovn] Drop use of LR OVN_GW_NETWORK_EXT_ID_KEY" 1 month ago
Zuul 4c8d855798 Merge "[ovn] Drop use of OVN_GW_PORT_EXT_ID_KEY" 1 month ago
Brian Haley 267efd2984 OVN: Always try and create a metadata port on subnets
When a subnet is updated, for example, to disable then
re-enable DHCP on it, if there is no metadata port it
will just return without trying to allocate an IP,
leaving DHCP unusable on the subnet.  This could happen
if an admin, even accidentally, deletes the DHCP port
on a subnet while DHCP is disabled.

This also makes OVN behave like ML2/OVS, which will
re-create the DHCP port when the enable_dhcp flag is
changed to false and back to true.

Change-Id: I943f2fb4db9dc33dc372f844d6133faff415befe
Closes-bug: #2015377
2 months ago
Frode Nordahl 5510cdab92 [ovn] OVNClient._get_router_ports: Drop unused parameter
The `get_gw_port` parameter is currently unused, the
implementation hiding behind it also contains a bug, remove it.

Partial-Bug: #2002687
Signed-off-by: Frode Nordahl <>
Change-Id: Ie0ba5a478fabe9880746f892ef9c00d7e5660195
2 months ago
Frode Nordahl e5d4499672 [ovn] Drop use of LR OVN_GW_NETWORK_EXT_ID_KEY
An update to the OVN QoS driver to support the `qos_gateway_ip`
QoS extension [0] introduced adding the GW network id as an
external_id on the Logical_Router (LR).  This is problematic
when introducing multiple gateway ports, because a single LR
can have gateways in multiple networks.

The external_id key was presumably added because at the point in
time when a LR is deleted, the code had no other source of this
information.  However, it turns out this step is redundant and
not neccessary.

To prove this I include a excerpt of a stack trace when deleting
a router in the commit message:

    File "services/ovn_l3/", line 210, in delete_router
      super(OVNL3RouterPlugin, self).delete_router(context, id)
    File "db/", line 612, in delete_router
      self._delete_current_gw_port(context, id, router, None)
    File "db/", line 452, in _delete_current_gw_port
    File "plugins/ml2/drivers/ovn/mech_driver/",
        line 886, in delete_port_postcommit
      self._ovn_client.delete_port(context.plugin_context, port['id'],
    File "plugins/ml2/drivers/ovn/mech_driver/ovsdb/",
        line 830, in delete_port
      self._delete_port(port_id, port_object=port_object)

Essentially, a routers GW port(s) will be removed prior to
deleting the router itself.

The `ovn_client.delete_port` method will call on the QoS extension
to remove rules matching the GW port, and that will be the same
rules as has previously been added for the router.

I also added a functional test that confirms this fact [1].

0: I46864b9234af64f190f6b6daebfd94d2e3bd0c17
1: Ic92a7b3bd73920d08dee41974bfe3aeb1c64b557

Partial-Bug: #2002687
Signed-off-by: Frode Nordahl <>
Needed-By: I95a0d5f1b7aef985df5625cd83222799db811f2b
Change-Id: If7c22bc8a95fa13e746c86a1e9d4a6fa25496e1f
2 months ago
Frode Nordahl d67d1c2736 [ovn] Drop use of OVN_GW_PORT_EXT_ID_KEY
At present Neutron maintains an external_id on the
Logical_Router (LR) representing the gw port (singluar).  This
is problematic when introducing multiple gateway ports.

Instead we can find Logical Router Port (LRP) that act as
gateways for the LR at runtime by looking for configuration
present on all GW ports.

Partial-Bug: #2002687
Signed-off-by: Frode Nordahl <>
Needed-By: I95a0d5f1b7aef985df5625cd83222799db811f2b
Change-Id: I8a915dca1410c70bdfe7a2d72931921d2a1a265e
2 months ago
Luis Tomas Bolivar 7dfbdf65a7 Add support for localnet_learn_fdb OVN option
In OVN 22.09, the option "localnet_learn_fdb" was added so that
localnet ports can learn MAC addresses and store them in the FDB
table. This avoids flooding issues for VMs on provider networks
when port security is disabled

Closes-Bug: #2012069
Change-Id: I93574b4fe9a79b649bfe755cf7e0697ccc7eb83a
2 months ago
Luis Tomas Bolivar 0ec04dd638 Ensure redirect-type=bridged not used for geneve networks
As part of [1] the redirect-type=bridged flag was enabled by default.
However this have the side effect of also decentralizing N/S traffic
for geneve tenant networks, breaking the VM connectivity on them when
it must be centralized, i.e., when no FIPs are associated to the VMs.

This patch differentiates and only enable that flag when the networks
conected through that router gateway port are of VLAN/FLAT type.

In addition, to avoid MTU issues for the VLAN networks if there are
also geneve networks connected to the same router, we re-take the
approach on [2] to ensure the traffic is centralized but not tunneled


Closes-Bug: #2012712

Change-Id: I25e5ee2cf8daee52221a640faa7ac09679742707
2 months ago
Zuul b73399fa74 Merge "Revert "Ensure vlan network traffic is not centralized"" 2 months ago
Rodolfo Alonso 27b3eacd3d Revert "Ensure vlan network traffic is not centralized"
This reverts commit 8e3bddbf8b.

Reason for revert:
As part of the reverted commit, the redirect-type=bridged flag was
enabled by default. However this have the side effect of also
decentralizing N/S traffic for geneve tenant networks, breaking the
VM connectivity on them when it must be centralized, i.e., when no
FIPs are associated to the VMs.

A new fix will be provided ASAP.

Change-Id: I30b1328b30f1b36b8b7ee556aa52ac6b2dd91d4e
2 months ago
Zuul 530d3c8e16 Merge "[OVN] Remove "update_port_qos_with_external_ids_reference"" 2 months ago
Zuul c6fa9821aa Merge "[OVN] Explicitly define the fixed IPs for the metadata port" 2 months ago
elajkat 6358495720 Delete sg rule which remote is the deleted sg
Based on bug #2008712 if we have a security-group which
is the remote group of a 2nd security-group, the backend
never deletes the rule of the 2nd group which
remote_group_id is the original security-group.
By AFTER_DELETE event for each rule that has the
security_group_id as remote_group_id, we can make the
mech drivers do their work and delete these rules in the

Change-Id: I207ecf7954b06507e03cb16b502ceb6e2807e0e7
Closes-Bug: #2008712
2 months ago
Rodolfo Alonso Hernandez 9704dca84e [OVN] Explicitly define the fixed IPs for the metadata port
The metadata port fixed IPs depend on the subnets "enabled_dhcp" flag.
If the subnet has this flag disabled, the metadata port doesn't receive
an IP on the subnet CIDR.

The method ``create_metadata_port`` should explicitly define what fixed
IPs should request the metadata port during the creating depending on
the subnets "enabled_dhcp" flag.

Closes-Bug: #2011724
Change-Id: If362fab20ac03f8b62471b60c031f9349171ce93
3 months ago
Terry Wilson dea48cfc0a Only create a frozen Row on matching events
It is very wasteful to create a frozen row copy for every event
that we process. It can dramatically increase the time to process
the initial events from connecting to the database.

Closes-bug: #2011590
Change-Id: Ic4bf26d9b1f937073ddc6d0c3e9d22a777912ebf
3 months ago
Zuul 61121c79a1 Merge "Ensure vlan network traffic is not centralized" 3 months ago
Rodolfo Alonso Hernandez 745497a112 [OVN] Remove "update_port_qos_with_external_ids_reference"
This method was planned to be removed in Bobcat.


Change-Id: I87b568d5f9a699b09c00cbf5e1b0eae71ccab876
3 months ago
Ihar Hrachyshka d44f164f4d ovn_idl_impl: fix a logic bug in get_sg_port_groups
The function is supposed to omit neutron_pg_drop Port_Group (as per its
docstring) but it actually returns it because of incorrect if-statement

The function is not used anywhere in the tree and hence doesn't affect
any feature, at least in master.

(It was used before I27af495f96a3ea88dd31345dbfb55f1be8faabd6.)

The function will be used in a consequent patch, so it now becomes
important to make it behave as documented.

Related-Bug: #2009053
Change-Id: I0c5d3db521131cc71135a9c787ed01479b451cfb
3 months ago
Luis Tomas Bolivar 8e3bddbf8b Ensure vlan network traffic is not centralized
This patch partly reverts the workaround introduced at [1].

In patch [1] the reside-on-redirect-chassis was forced for vlan provider
networks to force centralized but not tunneled traffic for those
network. In this patch we are making use of the "redirect-type" flag
instead so that the traffic can be distributed and still not tunneled.
This flag needs to be set on the router gateway port (port connecting
the router to the external network) unlike the previous one that was set
on the router interface port (port connecting the (vlan) internal
network to the router). In this patch we are setting it on all ovn
gateway ports if DVR is enabled, as:
- It is needed for vlan (provider) network to have their traffic
  distributed instead of tunneled to the controller where the cr-lrp is
- It is not having any effect on the geneve tenant networks as it only
  applies to network that has a localnet port associated to them.


Closes-Bug: #2003455
Change-Id: Ia05416df88904e864d4fc9760ffcdc97a4651f9f
3 months ago
Rodolfo Alonso Hernandez ebcde41fc8 [OVN] Add ``get_gateway_chassis_az_hints`` method to OVN API
This method description was missing in [1].


Related-Bug: #1958225
Change-Id: I7856aa20947e75b394e2cf4c66f48764dbbd425a
3 months ago
Zuul 2d75d98d3a Merge "[OVN] Ensure traffic for provider vlan networks is not tunneled" 3 months ago
Luis Tomas Bolivar acb809eea4 [OVN] Ensure traffic for provider vlan networks is not tunneled
This patch adds an extra checking to ensure the
"reside-on-redirect-chassis" is set to true for the logical
router port associated to vlan provider network despite having
the "ovn_distributed_floating_ip" enabled or not. This is needed
as there is an OVN bug [1] making it not work as expected.

Note setting this to true has implications as the traffic will be
centrallized (but not tunneled) through the node with the gateway

The expected behavior of this flag, once [1] is fixed is:
- reside-on-redirect-chassis flag to False: means traffic goes
  tunneled to the controller with the gateway port. Means it requires
  extra MTU reduction to work.
- reside-on-redirect-chassis flag to True: means traffic is not
  tunneled to the controller with the gateway port, but the traffic is
  centralized through the controller with the gateway port. Thus it
  does not require extra MTU reduction.
- reside-on-redirect-chassis to False, but with ovn-chassis-mac-mappings
  configured: means the traffic is fully distributed and it is not being
  tunneled, nor sent, through the controller with the gateway port. This
  is the preferred option as it does not require MTU reduction and it
  avoids the extra hop. However it is not working as expected, therefore
  the fallback to set reside-on-redirect-chassis to True.


Closes-Bug: #2003455
Change-Id: I662cb30c842e54bb9f7dabac5519283aa7c7f8d0
3 months ago
Pierre Riteau 827fbd01c3 Normalise format of OVN agent heartbeat timestamp
A recent change [1] to show the real heartbeat timestamp from OVN agents
had a side effect of changing the timestamp format, which now includes a

    | Field             | Value                            |
    | last_heartbeat_at | 2023-02-23 14:12:07.471000+00:00 |

This unexpected format change causes some clients to fail to parse the
response to GET /v2.0/agents.

Normalise the format of the timestamp to remove timezone information.
Also remove the microsecond part, which was not done for OVN, but is
absent from other network agents.


Closes-Bug: #2008257
Change-Id: I75a37fb9b49a421e4524da6b56ef8362ceb6107b
3 months ago
Zuul 8455edda46 Merge "[OVN] Add missing LSP device_owner info in trunk driver" 3 months ago
Rodolfo Alonso Hernandez d83e243c6d [OVN] Add missing LSP device_owner info in trunk driver
The ``OVNTrunkHandler`` class updates the port binding profile of the
trunk subports. The methods ``_set_binding_profile`` and
``_unset_binding_profile`` update both the OVN LSP register and the
Neutron DB port register. This patch adds the missing field
"neutron:device_owner" from the LSP external_ids dictionary.

This patch also updates ``OvsdbNbOvnIdl.set_lswitch_port`` API method.
The method now accepts "external_ids_update" kwarg. This dictionary
allows to update (or add) individually each LSP.external_ids
dictionary key, instead of overwritting the whole variable.

NOTE: ``set_lswitch_port`` is not used outside Neutron now so this is
safe to change the API method signature.

Closes-Bug: #2006735
Change-Id: I985f3294b2ca7ab5989022ec1b904c8e29354e07
4 months ago
Rodolfo Alonso Hernandez 76f3b75ad6 [OVN] Skip ports with VNIC type direct and no port binding
In the method ``add_vnic_type_and_pb_capabilities_to_lsp``, if the port
binding profile is an empty string (or something that cannot be parsed
by jsonutils), skip this port.

Closes-Bug: #2006112
Change-Id: Ifa8956bf1c5eb9b6c3214638ac4e5b7f10e4cf74
4 months ago
Rodolfo Alonso Hernandez 61b2917a3e Filter subnets by "enable_dhcp" flag using the correct type
While other SQL engines can compare interger and boolean types,
PostgreSQL needs explicit casting to compare variables. Method
"_sync_subnet_dhcp_options" is currently raising the following
  operator does not exist: boolean = integer

Closes-Bug: #2004581
Change-Id: I715029c311c4516f3212054c5c72533b12fd0986
4 months ago
Yifan Li 3cf4899cf0 [OVN] Adding support for VNIC type virtio-forwarder.
The virtio-forwarder related code has already been written in other
neutron components except OVN. Added logic solving virtio-forwarder
in OVN plugin.Add unit tests of virtio-forwarder VNIC type. Test
cases include test_create_port_with_vnic_virtio_forwarder,

Closes-Bug: #1988542
Change-Id: I80f32db761f5813409c6f789177b2fdebf643305
4 months ago
Slawek Kaplonski 7cb481a3dc Allow disable stateful security group extension on older OVN
This patch adds config option to let cloud operator to disable
'stateful-security-group' API extension if OVN < 21.06 is used. This is
the case e.g. on Ubuntu 20.04 where OVN 20.03 is provided.
In case when API extension is enabled and OVN < 21.06 is used, Neutron
will fallback to stateful ACLs even for stateless security groups which
may be confusing for Neutron API users.

This needs to be done with config option and not by checking
automatically in OVN if "allow-stateless" is supported keyword for ACL's
action because it needs to be done during initialization of plugin,
where IDL isn't initialized yet and it would cause deadlock when Neutron
would try to connect to the OVN NB.

Closes-Bug: #2003999
Change-Id: I62e77dad2782e9c546745e860fda7622a8281739
4 months ago
Terry Wilson 67e616b238 Never raise an exception in notify()
notify() is called from python-ovs code which is not built to
recover from an exception in this user-overriden code. If there
is an exception (e.g. the DB server is down when we process
the hash ring), this exception can cause an unrecoverable error
in processing OVSDB messages, rendering the neutron worker useless.

Change-Id: I5f703d82175d71a222c76df37a82b5ccad890d14
4 months ago
Rodolfo Alonso Hernandez 78c3d52bb4 [OVN] Introduce the new OVN Neutron Agent
This patch introduces the new OVN Neutron Agent definition in the
OVN agent list and creates a new class ``OVNNeutronAgent``.

Related-Bug: #1998608
Change-Id: I57de801473fc30f06acf1bc8a65cb2ff76b2954a
4 months ago
Rodolfo Alonso Hernandez b6750fb2b8 [OVN] Add vnic_type and binding profile capabilities to LSP info
In order to decide if a port is a hardware offloaded port by just
reading the OVN Logical_Switch_Port register, it is needed the
VNIC type and the binding profile cababilities.

The maintenance task will only update those LSP ports that belong
to direct Neutron ports to avoid an unnecessary database load.

Related-Bug: #1998608
Change-Id: I5febe9d3eeef6c5b5f6d972b9e8ebfef541458ac
4 months ago
Zuul b71b25820b Merge "[ovn] Do not create empty default route when empty gateway_ip" 4 months ago
Frode Nordahl 463c3df4cf
[ovn] Do not create empty default route when empty gateway_ip
Before this patch, if a OVN router was associated with an
external network whose subnet had an empty `gateway_ip`, a
default route with an empty dst-ip is created in the OVN

As documented in the Neutron API [0], it is allowed to create
a subnet without a gateway_ip.


Closes-Bug: #2002993
Signed-off-by: Frode Nordahl <>
Change-Id: Ica76e0821d753af883444d2a449283e9e69ba03f
4 months ago
Zuul c078c6569f Merge "Support for minimum bandwidth rules in tunnelled networks" 4 months ago