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  Tyler Smith b40ae4c1e5 Merging lp:quantum updates 10 years ago
  Tyler Smith b69c8d0264 Fixing syntax issue. I had a 2.7+ style dict comprehension, so I made it 2.6 friendly. 10 years ago
  Tyler Smith 2d5108887d Removing a debugging line 10 years ago
  Dan Wendlandt b0691d4202 pep8 fix 10 years ago
  Salvatore Orlando 11fecbdd1b Fixing API behaviour for throwing 400 error on invalid body. 10 years ago
  Dan Wendlandt 3df4e822a2 make ovs plugin pay attention to port state 10 years ago
  rohitagarwalla c1e123de81 persistence of l2network & ucs plugins using mysql 10 years ago
  Santhosh Kumar 88c074c0a2 Vinkesh/Santhosh | Moved the stub classes in test_extensions to a separate file extension_stubs 10 years ago
  Santhosh Kumar aa60fb2b5c Merged from trunk 10 years ago
  Dan Wendlandt d83afeccf1 bug802772 update exception handling in OVS plugin to use API exceptions. 10 years ago
  rohitagarwalla 38e241ec48 merged the latest changes from plugin-framework branch - revision 39 10 years ago
  Dan Wendlandt 81c505c630 removing a few additional lines that aren't needed once we don't calculate port count 10 years ago
  Sumit Naiksatam 3eb5bcc009 Adding a tests directory, this can be used for plugin-specific test cases. 10 years ago
  Dan Wendlandt 55ca7f0432 also remove line that computes portcount, as it is unneeded now that we don't return it 10 years ago
  Sumit Naiksatam a084284c20 Including copyright info. 10 years ago
  Dan Wendlandt 11cc083e2a merge branch for to fix bug817826 10 years ago
  Sumit Naiksatam 1ab10658b3 For the modules to get added, missed in the earlier checkin. 10 years ago
  Dan Wendlandt 2ab7ae449b remove PortCount attribute of network object, as it is not in the spec and was causing us to hit bug 818321 (note: this commit does not fix the underlyingproblem with xml deserialization, it just makes sure we don't hit it with the existing API code) 10 years ago
  Sumit Naiksatam 6fa2f538e7 Changed the directory structure to a more organized one. 10 years ago
  Sumit Naiksatam a4f7498438 Merging the latest changes from lp:quantum. 10 years ago
  Dan Wendlandt 567a0af384 change default integration bridge from br100 to br-int to reflect new default for OVS vif-plugging in nova Diablo-3 release 10 years ago
  Dan Wendlandt 94e46173aa fix bug 817826 and similar error in batch_config.py 10 years ago
  rohitagarwalla 5796e43bd9 persistence of l2network & ucs plugins using mysql 10 years ago
  Dan Wendlandt 7d6b7ca673 merge Salvatore's api branch with fixes for tests. Tweaking branch to remove unwanted bin/quantum.py as part of merge 10 years ago
  Tyler Smith 7f7d1f4c59 Merging in main repo updates 10 years ago
  Tyler Smith 914117c18e Updating to fix some SSL issues 10 years ago
  Salvatore Orlando afa6cf9516 Removing extra quantum.py file from source control 10 years ago
  Salvatore Orlando 431d319c26 Apply fix for bug #817813 10 years ago
  Salvatore Orlando 602beba9bb Apply fix for bug #814012 10 years ago
  Salvatore Orlando 2299a05c10 Apply fix for bug #814517 10 years ago
  Dan Wendlandt c4fc469d70 bug 817813: default provider in plugins.ini accidentally changed. Changing it back to FakePlugin 10 years ago
  Sumit Naiksatam 6244bccdba Changed the param name "network-name" to "net-name" since the Quantum service expects the later. 10 years ago
  Tyler Smith 609fd218c3 Removing some legacy code from the unit tests 10 years ago
  Tyler Smith dcad79a33f Adding unit tests to cover the client library 10 years ago
  Tyler Smith 2436741cfd Changing the CLI to use the new client library 10 years ago
  Tyler Smith 17e3483a43 Adding refactored API Client 10 years ago
  Dan Wendlandt 45ee8c0db9 pep8 fixes 10 years ago
  Dan Wendlandt dc62dd894f fix bug 814012, add unit tests for it 10 years ago
  Tyler Smith 68a82b8622 Resolving Bug 814517 which caused XML to have extra whitespace. 10 years ago
  Santhosh Kumar 5e01fb7fba Vinkesh/Santhosh | Removed loading extensions from 'contrib' and fixed an indentation bug while loading extensions 10 years ago
  Rajaram Mallya c7a04be9f7 Santhosh/Rajaram|modified extensions section in README 10 years ago
  Rajaram Mallya 01ecfb96c8 Rajaram/Santhosh | Added logging to the PluginAwareExtensionManager failures 10 years ago
  Rajaram Mallya 01eafb56be Rajaram/Santhosh|Added plugin interface in foxinsox and Updated README 10 years ago
  Rajaram Mallya 7118905054 Rajaram/Santhosh|quantum manager loads plugin only once, even though both extension middleware and APIRouter calls it 10 years ago
  Rajaram Mallya b282e87f42 Santhosh/Rajaram|latest merge from quantum and made extensions use options to load plugin 10 years ago
  Sumit Naiksatam 87978cc2bf Merge changes from lp:quantum 10 years ago
  Salvatore Orlando 9793971bc2 Apply fix for bug #797419 10 years ago
  Salvatore Orlando 49344b17c4 Re-fixing issues with XML deserialization (changes got lost in merges with trunk) 10 years ago
  Rajaram Mallya c651950e26 Rajaram/Vinkesh | Plugins advertise which extensions it supports. 10 years ago
  Salvatore Orlando 3c009cbe75 Merging branch lp:~salvatore-orlando/quantum/bug802892 10 years ago