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YAMAMOTO Takashi 16ca061abc Avoid eventlet monkey patching for the tempest plugin
do the monkey patch for each modules instead.

Closes-Bug: #1571486
Change-Id: Ia698dcf99f3950aeabffc44d85e4b33f56714afd
7 years ago
John Schwarz a8edfc6e6d Test HA router failover
HA failover testing requires the ability for two L3 agents to
co-exist on the same machine. The following changes were made
to support this:

* Add l3 agent ability to simulate nested namespaces by suffixing
  each router namespace with '@host'. For example, if a router
  with id '1' is created, its namespace will be:
* Added test.common submodule which will hold common code which is
  shared between the different kind of tests (unit and funtional).
* Added tests.common.agents submodule which holds test-only agents, and
  added a test L3NAT agent to be used in the HA functional testings.

Co-Authored-By: Assaf Muller <>
Closes-bug: #1374946
Change-Id: I2185fe276d9d32b34c407396e7ed5d6e2801340c
9 years ago