20 Commits (1715eb7c8e1f2433df3c081e357f8c40dfe2a28a)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Mark McClain ee3fe4e836 Rename Quantum to Neutron 9 years ago
Dirk Mueller 537ff09fc2 Rename README to README.rst 9 years ago
Monty Taylor 9c8f37e6c4 Updated to latest oslo-version code. 10 years ago
He Jie Xu c740986599 Use babel to generate translation file 10 years ago
Mark McClain dbf0b22abb Add migration support to Quantum 10 years ago
Dan Prince 014e0b4f90 Explicitly include versioninfo in tarball. 10 years ago
Monty Taylor 6d9ddf1c37 Use setuptools git plugin for file inclusion. 10 years ago
Gary Kotton 54c88772af Add HACKING.rst to tarball generation 10 years ago
Bhuvan Arumugam 50c02660b2 Include AUTHORS in release package. 10 years ago
Dan Wendlandt ac7fb076c1 bug 963152: add a few missing files to sdist tarball 10 years ago
Brad Hall f88a1f7582 Fix missing files in sdist package [bug 954906] 10 years ago
Dan Wendlandt a59c832a8a more files missing in sdist tarball 10 years ago
Dan Wendlandt 531ed084cd make sure pip-requires is included in setup.py sdist 10 years ago
Isaku Yamahata a5f97ccc3b plugin: introduce ryu plugin 10 years ago
Brad Hall 2386a7e2d5 Initial commit: nvp plugin 11 years ago
Bob Kukura d6bf2b7616 Cleanup the source distribution. 11 years ago
Sumit Naiksatam 25e22bb750 blueprint quantum-linux-bridge-plugin 11 years ago
Monty Taylor d643608e33 Getting ready for the client split. 11 years ago
Brad Hall f3a9665e43 Fix lp bug 897882 11 years ago
Brad Hall 6a08320031 Second round of packaging changes 11 years ago