6 Commits (1715eb7c8e1f2433df3c081e357f8c40dfe2a28a)

Author SHA1 Message Date
ZhiQiang Fan 8b9cc772ea Enclose command args in with_venv.sh 9 years ago
Gary Kotton e4b44c2856 Replace "OpenStack LLC" with "OpenStack Foundation" 10 years ago
James E. Blair a90fab1193 Rename .quantum-venv to .venv. 11 years ago
Monty Taylor a73ba62920 Changes to make pip-based tests work with jenkins. 11 years ago
Tyler Smith 24b0207cbe blueprint quantum-packaging 12 years ago
Santhosh 6458fa7cff Santhosh/Vinkesh | Added the testing framework. Moved the smoketest to tests/functional 11 years ago
Salvatore Orlando ec5b5dd523 Fixing pep8 errors 11 years ago
Somik Behera 44e6ae3a44 Pushing initial started code based on Glance project and infrstructure work done by the melange team. 11 years ago