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Slawek Kaplonski 93015527f0 Add kill hooks for external processes
This patch adds possibility to configure kill hooks used to kill
external processes, like dnsmasq or keepalived.

Change-Id: I29dfbedfb7167982323dcff1c4554ee780cc48db
Closes-Bug: #1825943
4 years ago
Brian Haley 7369b69e2e Dynamically increase DHCP process queue green pool size
As done for the l3-agent in 837c9283ab,
dynamically resize the DHCP process queue green pool.

This patch adds a new measurement based on the network quantity to
indicate the DHCP process queue green pool size. The pool size
will be limited from 8 (original value) to 32, because we do not want
to increase the DHCP agent processing cost on the node.

Change-Id: Ic0e7bc15f138273c7a6ad41f228c9f315e6c7a91
Related-Bug: #1813787
4 years ago
Hongbin Lu 46913a69fd Use constant IP_VERSION_4/6 in functional tests
Change-Id: I62b5a37508838a42b03a39de02660b8cafc08c41
5 years ago
Brian Haley 4f627b4e8d Change ip_lib network namespace code to use pyroute2
Change network namespace add/delete/list code to use
pyroute2 library instead of calling /sbin/ip.

Also changed all in-tree callers to use the new calls.

Closes-bug: #1717582
Related-bug: #1492714

Change-Id: Id802e77543177fbb95ff15c2c7361172e8824633
6 years ago
Harald Jensas d2b82168cd DHCP Agent: Separate local from non-local subnets
In order to allow the DHCP agent to service other subnets on the
network in other segments via DHCP relay, we need to use the
'non_local_subnets' network attribute returned by rpc to set up dhcp
for off-link subnets.

Change-Id: I88e1c574bc429dc599ad7c956c03fa0688338186
Closes-Bug: 1692486
6 years ago
Brian Haley 7ad7584ce1 Add IPv6 default route to DHCP namespace
The DHCP namespace used to always have its IPv6 default
route configured from a received Router Advertisement (RA).
A recent change [1] disabled receipt of RAs, instead
relying on the network topology to configure the namespace.
Unfortunately the code only added an IPv4 default route,
which caused a regression with DNS resolution in some
circumstances where IPv6 was being used.

A default route is now added for both IP versions.


Change-Id: I7c388f64c0aa9feb002f7a2faf76e7ccca30a3e7
Closes-bug: 1684682
6 years ago
John Perkins 7f23ccce23 Agent common config
Refactoring Neutron configuration options for agent common config to be
in neutron/conf/agent/common. This will allow centralization of all
configuration options and provide an easy way to import.

Partial-Bug: #1563069
Change-Id: Iebac0cdd3bcfd0135349128921b7ad7a1a939ab8
Needed-By: Ib676003bbe909b5a9013a3178b12dbe291d936af
6 years ago
Kevin Benton 028a349bc5 Skip larger than /64 subnets in DHCP agent
Dnsmasq can't handle these in IPv6 so we need to skip them to avoid
a whole bunch of log noise caused by continual retrying of issues.

Closes-Bug: #1645616
Change-Id: I36d167506cc45731e3f500a0c59b70b1bc27590f
7 years ago
Brian Haley 904f85e2f9 Disable 'accept_ra' in DHCP agent namespace
Currently the DHCP agent relies on the acceptance of an
RA to configure its IPv6 address with SLAAC or DHCPv6-stateless
network modes.  It should explicitly assign addresses to the
agent based on the data model instead.

In order to do this we must disable RAs in the namespace so
that a static assignment doesn't conflict with a previously
created dynamically-generated address.

Change-Id: I1b38d131249d59fa486a07024d4b1ec61e693d59
Related-bug: #1627902
7 years ago
Hong Hui Xiao 784864d178 Update metadata proxy when subnet add/delete
With current code, if first subnet of the network is an ipv6 subnet,
the metadata proxy will not be spawned. If user then adds ipv4 subnet
with dhcp enabled, the metadata proxy will still not be spawned. As a
result, the metadata service will not be available for the network.

This patch will kill/spawn metadata proxy,  when subnet add/delete.
So, even if the first subnet of the network is not an ipv4 subnet with
dhcp enabled, the metadata proxy can still be spawned if network has
subnets need metadata proxy.

Closes-bug: #1556991

Change-Id: I0b45af8f2b756732f45c13d7e2dbcd30653cc026
7 years ago
Gary Kotton 9f09f27c5d Fix deprecation warnings
Remove deprecation warnings for various constants
and exceptions that have moved to neutron_lib.

Fix miscellaneous other deprecations.

Uses constants instead of l3_constants when importing
neutron-lib constants.

Co-Authored By: Henry Gessau <>
Co-Authored By: Gary Kotton <>

Change-Id: Ib0e8ff5c3e23677c1009241a1818cbc8a3430c38
7 years ago
Jakub Libosvar a626172706 Move wait_until_true to neutron.common.utils
We need to be able to re-use wait_until_true in tempest scenario tests.
There is tempest bug
that prevents us to do so.

Also wait_until_true is not linux specific so it makes more sense to
have it in common package.

Change-Id: Ib8b0e51dbd9edaa58391774d428a737836dfdf77
7 years ago
Jakub Libosvar 766abb752a Make pep8 job great again
There is a bug in pep8, when 'select' used, it omits all default checks
and runs only those specified by 'select'.  We got hit by this issue
since I2d26534230ffe5d01aa0aab6ec902f81cfba774d was merged which lead to
almost no static checks in pep8 job.

Also note that off_by_default decorator has no effect for now because
factory in hacking is triggered after ignored checks are collected.
There will be a follow-up patch for that in order to make pep8 doing
its job quickly.


Related-Bug: 1594756
Change-Id: I8e27f40908e1bb4307cc7c893169a9d99f3433c4
7 years ago
Hong Hui Xiao 5b0ea03202 Mark port as ready after enabling dhcp at agent
When subnet is created and network is scheduled to dhcp agent, the
dhcp agent will request neutron server to create dhcp port.

Neutron server will create and mark port as BUILD and wait for the
ready signal from dhcp agent.

dhcp agent will create 'real' dhcp port after getting response from
neutron server. But after that, dhcp agent will not tell neutron server
that the dhcp port is ready. So, the reported bug can be observed.

If ports are created before dhcp is enabled for network, dhcp agent will
not mark ports as 'ready' as there is no network cache. This patch also
marks all ports in network as ready, in case that happens.

Change-Id: I363d8727f7ef6e6e08be4b0022c6464d51692b85
Closes-bug: #1588906
7 years ago
Kevin Benton 4df8d9a701 Make agent interface plugging utilize network MTU
This changes the 'plug' and 'plug_new' interfaces of the
LinuxInterfaceDriver to accept an MTU argument. It then
updates the dhcp agent and l3 agent to pass the MTU that
is set on the network that the port belongs to. This allows
it to take into account the overhead calculations that are
done for encapsulation types.

It's necessary for the L3 agent to have the MTU because it
must recognize when fragmentation is needed so it can fragment
or generate an ICMP error.

It's necessary for the DHCP agent to have the MTU so it doesn't
interfere when it plugs into a bridge with a larger than 1500
MTU (the bridge would reduce its MTU to match the agent).

If an operator sets 'network_device_mtu', the value of that
will be used instead to preserve previous behavior.

Closes-Bug: #1549470
Closes-Bug: #1542108
Closes-Bug: #1542475
DocImpact: Neutron agents now support arbitrary MTU
           configurations on each network (including
           jumbo frames). This is accomplished by checking
           the MTU value defined for each network on which
           it is wiring VIFs.
Co-Authored-By: Matt Kassawara <>
Change-Id: Ic091fa78dfd133179c71cbc847bf955a06cb248a
7 years ago
Hong Hui Xiao dc0c7b5588 Delete metadata_proxy for network if it is not needed
Currently, once the metadata_process is created for the network,
it will never be eliminated unless the network is deleted. Even if
user disable the metadata for network and restart dhcp agent, the
metdata proxy for network will still be there. This will waste the
resource of neutron host. This patch will let the dhcp-agent
delete useless metadata_proxy at startup.

Additional functional tests are added to for related scenario.

Change-Id: Id867b211fe7c01a11ba73a5ebc275c595933becf
Closes-Bug: #1507950
8 years ago
Cedric Brandily 23b907bc6e Remove deprecated use_namespaces option
The use_namespaces option has been defined as a workaround to kernels
not properly supporting namespaces. This limitation is behind us, it's
time to remove use_namespaces after its deprecation in Kilo in order to
simplify code and remove a poorly tested case (use_namespaces=False).

This change prepares for removal pullup_route method[1] which was only
used when use_namespaces=False.

[1] neutron.agent.linux.ip_lib

Closes-Bug: #1508188
Related-Bug: #1435382
Depends-On: I303038eec560a6d99421140c2822aed8b518470b
Depends-On: I4feb2a15c7e1e4bfdbed2531b18b8e7d798ab3cc
Change-Id: I2fbf65df1250d9f9f1656b3964ee3b6de1ef1118
8 years ago
marios 31bdb9bffd Adds base in-tree functional testing of the dhcp agent (OVS)
Adds some utility methods and a couple of base test cases that
can be added to. These first tests exercise the ovs driver (dnsmasq)
and so the code is organised accordingly - OVS specific test cases
are defined in a DHCPAgentOVSTestFramework

Partial-Bug: #1469065
Co-Authored-By: Cedric Brandily <>
Co-Authored-By: Sergey Belous <>

Change-Id: Ic9d5a2f2b8014e4d81f5e5f6fa58b119a86de075
8 years ago