65 Commits (3686d035ded94eadab6a3268e4b0f0cca11a22f8)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Xu Han Peng 3686d035de Support Stateful and Stateless DHCPv6 by dnsmasq 8 years ago
Bertrand Lallau 8fb69a4633 Dnsmasq config files syntax issue when dhcp_domain is empty 8 years ago
Aaron Rosen 38085c07ed Bump min required version for dnsmasq to 2.63 8 years ago
Alexander Ignatov 8479c212b7 Omit mode keyword when spawning dnsmasq with some ipv6 subnets 8 years ago
Edgar Magana f3165d2a48 Stop the dhcp-agent process when dnsmasq version is not determined 8 years ago
liu-sheng b30c47233d Remove the useless vim modelines 8 years ago
Sean M. Collins 1715eb7c8e Ensure entries in dnsmasq belong to a subnet using DHCP 8 years ago
Yves-Gwenael Bourhis 89f87c61e7 Changed DictModel to dict with attribute access 8 years ago
Christoph Arnold ce59e63249 Neutron does not follow the RFC 3442 spec for DHCP 8 years ago
armando-migliaccio 82683feff6 Fix KeyError exception while updating dhcp port 8 years ago
Erik Colnick 624353b2a5 Support 'infinite' dhcp_lease_duration 8 years ago
Ed Bak d5c0a37999 Provide way to reserve dhcp port during failovers 8 years ago
Joe Gordon cd549d2c07 Don't print duplicate messages on SystemExit 8 years ago
Stephen Ma 8cf394b896 Delete DHCP port without DHCP server on a net node 8 years ago
rossella 4e9d482405 DHCP agent should check interface is UP before adding route 8 years ago
rossella b31d28415a Remove "reuse_existing" from setup method in dhcp.py 8 years ago
Darragh O'Reilly 9dbd1e5e5a Remove RPC to plugin when dhcp sets default route 8 years ago
Yves-Gwenael Bourhis 97a529ad8e Make dnsmasq aware of all names 9 years ago
Ian Wienand 3666dcf76d Log dnsmasq host file generation 9 years ago
Sylvain Afchain fbf0e62139 Replaces network:* strings by constants 9 years ago
Carl Baldwin 40390598c5 Refactor netns.execute so that it is not necessary to check namespace 9 years ago
Isaku Yamahata 9af846caf7 options: consolidate options definitions 9 years ago
Dazhao b5d09ffe60 Make sure dnsmasq can distinguish IPv6 address from MAC address 9 years ago
He Yongli 9bd6754b57 Use six.StringIO/BytesIO instead of StringIO.StringIO 9 years ago
Carl Baldwin f0921a4bba Remove unnecessary call to get_dhcp_port from DeviceManager 9 years ago
Sylvain Afchain a269541c60 Allow multiple DNS forwarders for dnsmasq 9 years ago
Carl Baldwin 0d111c9733 Remove release_lease from the DHCP driver interface 9 years ago
Carl Baldwin 965542bfac Use information from the dnsmasq hosts file to call dhcp_release 9 years ago
Sylvain Afchain 2afff147c4 Dnsmasq uses all agent IPs as nameservers 9 years ago
armando-migliaccio b48ddb648b Handle failures on update_dhcp_port 9 years ago
armando-migliaccio bff120a477 Handle exceptions on create_dhcp_port 9 years ago
Carl Baldwin 7336f3bd27 Optionally delete namespaces when they are no longer needed 9 years ago
armando-migliaccio f1b9ac5a54 Reduce the severity of dhcp related log traces 9 years ago
fujioka yuuichi 6096dd5892 Apply six for metaclass 9 years ago
Hui HX Xiang 7ef087eb66 Add error log for SystemExit in dhcp-agent 9 years ago
Darragh O'Reilly c73b54e50b Simplify using external routers and metadata 9 years ago
Mark McClain fbc02fd569 Dynamically adjust max number of leases 9 years ago
armando-migliaccio eea6218e42 Prevent stale DHCP directories for dhcp agent nodes 9 years ago
Brian Haley 89e38929d2 Change daemon Pidfile class to not use root_helper 9 years ago
Francois Eleouet b63c6f9f83 Fix DHCP agent to work without extra_dhcp_opt extension 9 years ago
dekehn d91bc54749 bp: pxeboot-port, provide pxeboot on ports 9 years ago
armando-migliaccio 192d7f35a7 Improve dhcp agent structure to support multiple dhcp models 9 years ago
Aaron Rosen d9832282cf Remove DHCP lease logic 9 years ago
Kyle Mestery acebf769a4 Fix DHCP agent to work with latest dnsmasq 9 years ago
Peng Yong a669a910b9 set static route for windows 2003 9 years ago
Mark McClain ee3fe4e836 Rename Quantum to Neutron 9 years ago
Vishvananda Ishaya 86088a2241 Use host route as router option 9 years ago
Darren Birkett 95dbd03a0b replace use of dhcp_lease_time with dhcp_lease_duration 9 years ago
Dirk Mueller 5324e2be69 Use Python 3.x compatible octal literals 9 years ago
Gary Kotton 6012b7e97c Add support for dnsmasq version 2.48 9 years ago