58 Commits (5db7c77def326264579f8db3238372b0351407f2)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Henry Gessau 5db7c77def Add a tox test environment for random hashseed testing 8 years ago
Henry Gessau c83207ec97 Functional tests work fine with random PYTHONHASHSEED 8 years ago
Clark Boylan 82557b8eca Set python hash seed to 0 in tox.ini 8 years ago
Cedric Brandily a81ec00034 Allow to import _LC, _LE, _LI and _LW functions directly 8 years ago
Monty Taylor 2f067125f1 Remove reference to setuptools_git 8 years ago
Maru Newby 37086a8f17 Add a gate-specific tox env for functional tests 8 years ago
Sergey Skripnick fe3fe94b41 Add config for performance gate job 8 years ago
Sean Dague 8041539ab7 don't ignore rules that are already enforced 8 years ago
Mark McClain 14fb3ec932 remove pep8 E122 exemption and correct style 8 years ago
Mark McClain ca4d6b173e remove E112 hacking exemption and fix errors 8 years ago
OpenStack Proposal Bot db3f4b3156 Updated from global requirements 8 years ago
Gary Kotton 61a7b58423 Add missing translation support 8 years ago
Jakub Libosvar ea1aa77945 Fix H302 violations 8 years ago
Maru Newby 367638b938 Exclude .ropeproject from flake8 checks 8 years ago
Henry Gessau dda6c89202 Enable flake8 E711 and E712 checking 8 years ago
Henry Gessau b3d1fc8864 Move bash whitelisting to pep8 testenv 8 years ago
Andreas Jaeger 085a35d657 Fix Jenkins translation jobs 8 years ago
Sean Dague a8cd52794d ignore build directory for pep8 8 years ago
Matthew Treinish 0755e7b379 Enable hacking H301 check 8 years ago
Mark McClain 36d85f831a add HEAD sentinel file that contains migration revision 9 years ago
Maru Newby f20b1d4240 Add an explicit tox job for functional tests 9 years ago
ZhiQiang Fan 1b7d7f1878 Enable hacking H233 rule 9 years ago
Ann Kamyshnikova eece55ceb6 Update lockutils and fixture in openstack.common 9 years ago
Sushil Kumar 2713004140 Updates tox.ini to use new features 9 years ago
Mark McLoughlin a764f78327 Remove obsolete redhat-eventlet.patch 9 years ago
Akihiro MOTOKI 724735977e Fix H102, H103 Apache 2.0 license hacking check error 9 years ago
Mark McClain ee3fe4e836 Rename Quantum to Neutron 9 years ago
Dirk Mueller e89f7da8c8 Fix and enable H90x tests 9 years ago
Mark McClain 881b629f65 Remove generic Exception when using assertRaises 9 years ago
Chuck Short b2b06811ba python3: Introduce py33 to tox.ini 9 years ago
Zhenguo Niu 47846a7a63 Rename requires files to standard names. 9 years ago
Monty Taylor a5062315f5 Revert "Fix ./run_tests.sh --pep8" 9 years ago
Akihiro MOTOKI 42243d6eb2 Fix ./run_tests.sh --pep8 9 years ago
Monty Taylor 418fc6b9b5 Let the cover venv run individual tests. 9 years ago
Maru Newby a13295b9a8 Enable automatic validation of many HACKING rules. 9 years ago
Maru Newby a9e763914d Switch to flake8 from pep8. 9 years ago
Tim Miller 147038a613 Parallelize quantum unit testing: 9 years ago
Salvatore Orlando d863a8f2d7 Add VIRTUAL_ENV key to enviroment passed to patch_tox_env 10 years ago
Dan Prince 33c3cc559c Update tox.ini to support RHEL 6.x. 10 years ago
Chuck Short 73eedf5c79 Pin pep8 to 1.3.3 10 years ago
gongysh 0070b452f1 Add scheduling feature basing on agent management extension 10 years ago
Mark McLoughlin cfda6bc4fb Use oslo-config-2013.1b3 10 years ago
He Jie Xu 7ae701120a Add script for checking i18n message 10 years ago
Dan Prince aafba4da8b Make tox.ini run pep8 checks on bin. 10 years ago
Kevin L. Mitchell 12628f6f05 Exempt openstack-common from pep8 check 10 years ago
Yaguang Tang 5fcf6ccd95 fix bug lp:1025526,update iniparser.py to accept empty value. 10 years ago
Yong Sheng Gong 3cff1e7b97 Introduce files from openstack common. 10 years ago
Monty Taylor 6d9ddf1c37 Use setuptools git plugin for file inclusion. 10 years ago
Monty Taylor 20ee7ee0e7 Fix up test running to match jenkins expectation. 10 years ago
Monty Taylor 8f6de697f0 Split out pip requires and aligned tox file. 11 years ago